2. Unconscious Evil (aka Ignorance

I got a discussion with a middle older female friend of mine. I can’t exactly describe why she’s my friend, apart from I believe her to be a good person deep down in side. But she actually is a raving typical middle aged American female liberal and thusly hasn’t really had to ponder or think about where she is and is NOT allowed in terms of other’s business. No, she thought it her place (albeit unconsciously) it was her place to dictate to other people what they should and really should not do. 1. mindful evil, KNOWINGLY looking to get you to forfeit your freedoms to take benefit of you (ala Obama).

2. Unconscious wicked (aka ignorance, Peggy Joseph, my friend), blindly going with feeling to unknowingly vote us into circumstances of tyranny. I WANT TO BE CLEAR and connect to something that may convey the idea of freedom to you ignoramuses out there. Freedom is the right of the person to make a decision for themslves.

Good or bad, right or incorrect, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody else, it’s none of your god damned business. And if you cannot get that concept down and respect that, you are simply tyrannical, mindful or not, as well as your “voting independence” should be stripped, by push if required.

This can be considered a legitimate business. But there are many rip-offs where they pay you a flat, non-negotiated, homogeneous standard fee for use of your song — while at the same time, they may be negotiating with the show producer to be paid a lot of money. 2000 or even more per song. A genuine music placement person will take a percentage of the licensing charge, so you are getting a fair percentage of the money. There are a lot more scams out there, but these are the primary ones I have already been seeing lately.

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  • Researching and selecting Targets Markets
  • Legal assistance regarding your corporate and business issues and real estate matters
  • Trip Cancellation and Trip Interuption
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  • 4; Know the Psychologic Profile of The Target Market

The notebook shouldn’t leave the house. This is actually the method my very own mom uses, and she leaves the journal in between many other similar-looking ones on her bookshelf. I would recommend that they avoid writing down exactly which password goes with which website in case-and we’re really apocalypsing here-someone gets ahold of the notebook; a keyword like bank or email should suffice. Every parent has a locked drawer.

You know the main one. The notebook should live there. For the passwords themselves, make sure your parents avoid their children’s names, pet names, and birthdays. If they need help differing their one-trick security password, suggest they use variations of a common tune lyrics. Next, setting up ad-blocker extensions on your parents’ web browsers is a nice touch to avoid any credible-looking pop-ups, like those informing them that their computer is at risk and to call the number on the display screen to fix it.

The last and most boundary-transgressing step is installing a handy remote control or desktop-viewing program on their computer, which will allow you, on your own computer, to gain access to their device every time they need help with something they aren’t sure about. My buddy and I both live in various countries than my mother, so realizing that we can remote in (we use TeamViewer) is an extremely comforting considered to her.

Tread carefully, though. You don’t want to be your parents’ helicopter child. Imagine if, hypothetically, you continuously click “Remind me tomorrow” whenever your work laptop would like to upgrade? How screwed up is my computer likely to be? And how long will my laptop be out of commission rate if I finally surrender to the improvements? Someone sends you an important document by email that you can edit.