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Having produced by many acquisitions to be possibly the largest beverage company in the world, Anheuser Busch InBev is working to make a unified view of most its data. Watch the following for more than 30 video interviews with loudspeakers and sponsors. Streaming live from Black Hat USA Wednesday and Thursday 2 p.m. Its been a challenging yr for businesses seeking to hire CIOs and technical experts in fields as diverse as machine learning and mobile network technology. Sample size affects the statistical results for correlations, regressions, and other models.

See how to compare data to ensure an apples-to-apples assessment. Its wise to begin thinking about what a highly effective IT integration strategy appears like well before the printer ink dries on the offer. This week will talk about the foundation code and hardware specs for the secure voting system prototypes The company. The race to deploy applications through DevOps can result in unintended exposure that organizations must learn to identify.

The easiest way to attain data quality is by combining or mixing these three techniques: decoded lineage, data similarity lineage and manual lineage mapping. New research shows how businesses are adding additional layers of authentication. Expect a full slate of enterprise-class open source tools to take the spotlight when security research workers discuss their bounties with the community at large.

Does NoOps Signal the End for Infrastructure Employees? Will AI and automation eliminate the dependence on the public people who now keep IT infrastructures in operation? Not if those individuals take charge of their own futures. When you have a passion for development and systems, site dependability engineering may be considered a good career path for you. Banking on the Public Cloud?

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Financial establishments and banks can no longer risk allowing their business models become obsolete. Heres how CIOs can build a business case for the C-suite. The breach exposed credit card application data, Social Security numbers, and linked bank accounts, among other information. New study exposes low self-confidence among security experts in their security functions centers.

Is there any other thing more headaches inducing than the thought of IT efforts necessary for a merger or acquisition? Here is a look at one CIO’s trip and lessons learned. Today RPA is the quickest growing category of software, driven by business digital transformation initiatives. Here’s steps to make the most of it.