Delhi Vehicle Registration

This blog is online information portal for getting information related to your transport that you use want to register with the Delhi Vehicle Registration Act. You’ll be guided in this site step by step procedure where you’ll be able to get register online or offline with Transport Department in Delhi. Why the enrollment of vehicle is essential?

Where to approach for vehicle registration? You have to approach your local zonal office of the Transport Department for enrollment of private/non-commercial vehicles. A couple of self registering dealers who have also been given the sign up powers,delivers the vehicles after registration only. To find your worried zonal office select zonal offices.

For enrollment of commercial vehicles you have to method of office of M.L.O.(Head Qtr.),Transport Department, 5/9 Under Hill Road,Delhi-110054. For Goods companies less than 3000 kg. TSR you have to approach MLO (Auto Rikshaw and Taxi Unit)Burari or MLO (Burari) for (DL1Y,DL1Z,DL1ZZ)AITP category. 2. Gazetted Officer: means a Gazetted Officer of Central Government or State Government or and Officer of Local Body who is equal to the post of Gazetted Officer.

After allocation of sign up numbers, charge receipt is directed at the applicant on a single day and above documents are kept by the zonal office. The sign up charge receipt can be maintained as proof of having made an application for registration. The registration certificate i.e. Form − 23 A can be gathered after planning of smart card. What is the task for sign up of new private/non commercial vehicle?

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Form 20 duly filled up. 4. Attested copy of address proof of which vehicle is usually to be registered. 8. M.C.D car parking fees. 9. Dealer invoice along with manufacturer invoice. Note: Attested copy: means picture copy attested by MLA/ Nigam Parshad/ Gazetted officer/ notary general public. The following documents are necessary for change of address in Registration Certificate. 2. Original Registration Certificate.

3. Attested copy of valid insurance. 4. Attested copy of address proof of the authorized owner. 5. Attested copy of valid air pollution in order certificate. 6. Prescribed fee of Rs. 50 & Rs. 370 for smart credit card. 8. Regarding the noticeable change of address in Registraction Certificate,where the hypothecation is endorsed in the Registration Certificate,No Objection Certificate from the financer is needed to get the address changed in the Registraction Certificate.