Musings OF THE Elf

Beautiful People is back again! After a little of the detour with Beautiful Books, our hosts Cait and Sky have came back with 2016’s first edition of Beautiful People. You can join up yourself on Sky’s blog Cait’s or HERE HEEEERE. Come share your writing goals! So 84k words later, A Beauty was had by me and the Beast retelling book.

In August I published a display fiction piece. Something I’ve hardly ever really done before. I enjoyed carrying it out a ton and someday I’m going to try more flash fiction. I am, guys, I am! Then in November I did so my 6th NaNoWriMo and wrote the next to last publication in my Colors of a Dragon Scale illusion series, Than Night More Black.

Which ended at 76,700 words, which makes it my shortest book yet. So, essentially, I had written two novels in 2015 and made HUGE strides in pacing my tales rather than making them drag on just like a slug down a highway. 2. This year Tell us about your priority writing task for? Burning Thorns has once more demanded my attention.

Sheesh, is it pushy. Okay, okay, I wish to focus on it. It’s become very close to my heart. My biggest problem is that I write first drafts and then. ’s it. I have tons and a great deal of first drafts on my computer but second drafts? Nooope. It’s time I make Improvement easily want to actually, ya know, become a published author.

Turns out there really aren’t fairies that magically appear at night and perfect your novels. So this is the year! I’m going to pour myself into editing Burning Thorns and making it the best it can be. I’m gonna take action! 3. List 5 areas you’d prefer to work the most difficult to improve this season. Editing and NOT getting sidetracked by gleaming new ideas Actually. Because, like I said, I almost everywhere have first drafts.

  • Take a drive in the country
  • Dumbo $45,990,748
  • On average, you wash your hair…
  • Humility and self-control
  • DIY a Rich, Creamy Avocado Mask
  • 7 years back from Terrell, Texas
  • Red bumps or blotches (itchy or non-itchy)
  • 4 Types of Chemical Exfoliators to Try

EVERYWHERE. All those new, shiny plot bunnies plague me by the dozens and I get too easily swept up in new tale ideas. I never put much effort into a definite story once the first draft is performed. But FORGET ABOUT. Editing is gonna happen! Worldbuilding. I actually talked about this within the last Beautiful Books, but my worldbuilding skills are a little. I want to add much more interesting and in depth things in the Burning Thorns world. Keep it balanced. I’m kind of an nothing at all or all person. It’s either work-on-the-project-24/7-until-it’s-done-and-ignore-all-the-things or lay-around-binge-watching-Leverage-and-Doctor-Who-all-day. There is absolutely no in between beside me.

Last year the best thing I had been concentrating on was to keep things balanced. To not get SO consumed in my writing project which i ignore life, but to keep a steady speed on it and make good improvement also. Year I believe I made big improvements on balancing my life last, but I want to keep at it and continue getting better. Research literary publishers and providers.