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DeKalb and Decatur residents will get assessment notices from DeKalb County in May. If you disagree with your value, you can start your appeal at that right time. Filing an annual return of business personal property is required. Filing a return of real property such as your home or other property is optional. I encourage property owners who get into these categories to consider submitting a return. The bullet factors above are modified from suggestions created by Hall County taxes assessors office with their taxpayers. Return and charm procedures are simply the same statewide.

True friends would be the ones attempting to pay you over and above what you normally charge in their desire to be of a help to you as well as your business. True friends will be the ones who are doing everything in their power to help you promote your business and gain customers. True friends shall the stand by position you through solid and slim. Don’t jeopardize a good friendship when you are petty.

If the demand is doable, then grant it. If it requires just a little extra effort and expense on your part, but has been requested by an extremely dear friend, then put forth that expense and effort and consider the friendship you have worth it. We must judge carefully how much we’re able to assist us members and friends without jeopardizing the fitness of our small business. Our small businesses must make a profit to be able to survive, and those who are truly our friends and care about us will understand this fact and not fault us if we cannot offer them special favors.

On the main topic of this confidentiality regulation and much else – we’ve still not received a reply from Anthony Travers on the problems we put to him recently. The reply we are looking for should come, we wish, in the form of actions, not words. We wish he and more in Cayman shall pay attention. The Cayman Islands is clearly worried – the evidence is right here. And it ought to be. So do as the editorial says – ditch the confidentiality rules. Do all this, and you’ll be well on the real way to being truly a transparent, well controlled and co-operative jurisdiction.

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