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We write Business Plans that increase capital for new and growing endeavors. We of MBAs, charted accountants, industry experts and technical authors is focused on getting your business funded via the best quality business planning process available, one that considers you as a priority client. If you need funding to begin or grow your venture then you have come to the right place. You only get one chance to impress an investor.

They don’t kill instantly, but steadily wear a firm down. And there is another advantage compared to that – for the practice that is. Firms don’t quite know that the practice is bad. Very bad practices are easy to spot, so nobody adopts them, however, not these ones! They’re like a sneaky pathogen – it is captured by you before you realize it, and the negative effects only become apparent in the long run. A good example you say?

Well, take ISO9000 and apply it in a very innovative industry. Research – by professors Benner from Wharton and Tushman from the Harvard Business School – shows that ISO9000, over time, can have a severe negative impact on a firm because it hampers advancement. Yet, the short-term benefits are clear; adopting ISO9000 comes with the right reputational results often, an immediate increase in customers, and satisfied stakeholders. However, the negative influence on innovation, in the long run, may outweigh all of this.

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Nevertheless, companies adopt the practice because they actually see the short-term benefits, but are quite unaware of the long run detrimental stuff. Obviously it looks attractive! Moreover, once we start to suffer from a shortage of internal innovation, many years will have exceeded, and no-one quite realizes that the creeping troubles were originally brought about by the adoption of the ISO9000 practice a long time ago. The practice gets used by many many companies and continues to persist, despite the known fact that everyone would be better off without it.

I’m not saying that older business owners are always smarter than younger ones, but I think that oftentimes we are wiser honestly. Wisdom comes with experience and we’ve both had a whole great deal of this. A very important factor that experience has taught me is that whenever I make a mistake, I shouldn’t be afraid to admit it.

I discovered that isn’t just better for my business but better for my brand image since it makes the respect of my employees and my customers. I sincerely and believe that you made a mistake in canceling our show respectfully. I’m basing my estimation, not on the fact that I believe it was ethically wrong although I do, but since it is wrong financially. This is why I’m requesting to consider that cancelling our show is a negative economic decision for SeaView for the following reasons: (1) Earl Stewart on Cars had a lot of listeners and our audience was growing regularly.

Chet, Nancy and I talked about syndication of the show on several occasions and most lately we discussed expanding the show to two hours in one. The public and especially our listeners don’t like what you do to Nancy and me. Since I’ve eliminated public with our being “fired”, the response has been huge and totally inside our support. They don’t understand that you feel you had to do this and, let’s face it, some in your company don’t understand it either (although they are afraid to state so). This negative PR is very harmful to business. Most South Florida Car sellers don’t like me.

It’s a distinct possibility that the majority of them who informed Chet Tart or your salesmen “Fire Earl Stewart and I’ll advertise on your station” were lying to you. They could have been telling you this merely to reunite at me. It’ll be interesting to see how many car dealers Chet and your sales force are able sign up now that I’m gone. Wouldn’t it be tragic if you lost your best chat show and didn’t get any advertising from those dealers who informed you they might come back! Clearly, the best management decision for SeaView over time, is to reinstate “Earl Stewart on Cars”. Please call me so that we can meet and privately to resolve this…just you personally, Tricia, Nancy and me.