Spending The Night In Lillie Langtry’s House At Guenoc Winery In California

One very fond memory space of 1 of our California wine country vacations in late April of 1991 originated here at Lillie Langtry’s house which is currently used as a guest house for Guenoc Winery. After traveling from Houston to San Francisco, we rented a car and drove to the winery which is located at the north area of the Napa Valley stretching out into Lake County.

It was prearranged that people would be guests of the owners of Guenoc Winery. It just so happened that people were the sole occupants of the guest house that evening. It is a sprawling and beautiful old Victorian house and we had our pick of the bedrooms. Naturally we thought we would stay static in Lillie’s old room.

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Who Was Lillie Langtry? Suffice it to briefly say that she was a famous stage celebrity well known to European and American theater-goers in the past due 19th and early 20th hundred years as well to be known as an International beauty. She was also “favored” by British royalty and was beloved by many men in her life. In 1888 she purchased 4,200 acres of land in the Guenoc Valley and made a decision to make wine. She actually brought a French winemaker from Bordeaux by the real name of Henri Descelles to perform that goal.

Her likeness was placed on labels and Guenoc wines today still sport that image of her. The grounds encircling this expansive old Victorian house are beautiful. Rolling hillsides and areas of orange blooming poppies decorated our view wherever we looked. Click thumbnail to view full-size Directly after we were let into the house and had time for you to look around, we decided that we wanted to sleep in Lillie Langtry’s bedroom. Just how many people can say that? We thought that it would be fun. Supposedly her favorite color was yellow and her bedroom was certainly ablaze with variants of that hue.

Some old wallpaper in the wardrobe may have actually been what she experienced personally selected. A lot of the furnishings inside your home are no longer original to what Lillie Langtry experienced owned with the exception of a beautiful old gramophone which do belong to her. The downstairs parlor was comfortable and within the fire place was a family portrait of Lillie.

In one corner of the dining room was the solid wood gramophone that was originally hers. Upstairs there was a parlor separating her room from Freddie Gebhardt’s room. He was one of her male friends who also owned property adjacent to hers. Karen Melander-Magoon invited us to join her for a tour of the vineyards.