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You are welcome to use brief estimates from Digital Inspiration in your website or blog so long as proper credit is given. But please estimate only brief excerpts – up to one paragraph – from my site when you make the link. You must credit Digital Inspiration when you quote. Always provide a hyperlink (full URL) to the article where the quotation is from. Don’t hyperlink just to the homepage. Copy exactly quoted material, enclose it in quotations marks, and mention Digital Motivation before or after the estimate immediately.

Be Social Change is an example that markets usage of a network of people who wish to build a more socially-conscious lifestyle; members get access to a network along with members-only events. Seattle Investors Club is similar, selling access to several real estate investors in the Seattle area, with usage of an exclusive Facebook Group, training, and events. Sites devoted to online learning constitute one of the most popular types of WordPress account sites.

These sites typically sell usage of courses, tutorials, video guides, mentoring, or webinars. Often, these sites pair a regular membership plugin with a course management plugin (like LearnDash, LifterLMS, WP Courseware, or Sensei), give members access to classes then. PHLEARN is a great example of this kind site, which helps any member understand how to use Photoshop or other Adobe products. Qpractice is another that helps interior designers pass the NCIDQ exam with curated study materials and courses for aspiring designers.

News or content sites offer curated or exclusive content to their members. These sites are born from a sizable blog or social media following usually, and offer associates access to content or content that’s not available to “regular” fans or readers. Chai is a site at the intersection of learning and content: it provides patterns and materials selection advice for crocheted outfits.

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This content is free for non-members, but users can pay to get ad-free patterns and lessons, or purchase an all-access pass to view all available patterns. Post Status is an exemplory case of a content-focused account site, where associates access exclusive blog posts, notes, an email newsletter, and offers from media partners. This is the type of membership many eCommerce sites are familiar with: providing either exclusive purchasing gain access to or special discounts to members.

Craft Can Directory is a great example. Site members are able to purchase certain brews that aren’t available to all customers in the shop. Members of THE BRAND NEW Tropic get discount rates on products and event seat tickets, and can post occasions of their own, while non-members pay full price for all those products and events.