Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog: 3/3/13

Regardless if you are a musician or music consumer, your music life is about to change. Slowly but digital music distribution has been growing from downloads to streaming surely, but that transition has been really picking up swiftness during the last 12 weeks. With Spotify at the forefront because of reams of publicity, more and more consumers are finding that the joy of renting music beats owning it by a long shot. While it’s been long rumored that Apple has their own loading service up their sleeve, several advancements disclose the recognizable change that is approximately to come.

60 million shot from famous brands Warner Music Group’s owner Len Blavatnik, Fort Worth billionaire Lee Bass and Australian financier James Packer. That is a significant investment by some deep pouches that know what they’re doing and don’t like to lose. Then comes word that Apple’s Tim Cook recently took a gathering with Iovine to be briefed on the project. Does that mean a cooperation?

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Then comes phrase that Google has been silently making handles all the major brands because of their own YouTube-based subscription streaming service to be launched later in the entire year. If all this were happening after some duration ago we would’ve appeared to only 1 of these potential services to be remaining standing sooner or later, with others falling by the wayside.

But this is a different time, with the loading business a lot more mature thanks to the likes of Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Slacker, et al. It’s now probably possible that of the new services endure if they are at least half-way good in their user operation and offerings. 9.95 maintains being described).

Consumers are quickly viewing the advantages of renting their music. It’ll be a different story for songwriters and artists however. By now everyone understands how little the royalty can be from a stream, with stories abounding about income lost by the writer and artist. While this blog is aptly named Music 3.0, we’re going to start to see the next stage of the music business. Welcome to Music 3.5! Help support this blog. Any purchases made through our Amazon links help support this website with no cost to you. Interested in the Music 3.0 archives? CHOOSE THE Music 3.0 Guide To Social Media. The best of over 800 posts.

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