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So it isn’t like she’s thinking, “Can’t this water is manufactured by you into wine? ” he could be wanted by her to take action, but we aren’t sure what. We are sure that she could have never expected a response like the one she received. Jesus said to her, “Woman, exactly what does that have regarding us?

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” He called her, “Woman”! There’s been a lot of ink spilled over if this can be an appropriate way to address one’s mother, but suffice to say that it’s not customary, neither is it particularly affectionate or endearing. There’s an abrupt sense of distance between Him and her here.

And not only will He refer to her as, “Woman,” He says, “what does which have to do with us? ” Now, this statement is a common one in the ancient world and even in the Bible. It is found by us written many times in the Gospels, translated usually, “What business do we have with one another? And each time it is used, do you know who is stating it? And they are stating it to Jesus. They say to Him, “Leave us alone!

” Jesus just said that to His mom! But why do He say this so abruptly? He’s saying, “What business do we’ve with one another? He is on the mission to save humanity from sin, not to rescue celebrations from poor planning or to save people from interpersonal awkwardness!

Look at the next thing He says to her: “My hour have not yet come.” You are able to track the utilization of this expression through the entire Gospel of John. In fact, you could separate the publication almost in two with this. Chapters 1-12 might be called, “The hour has not come. ” And from Chapter 12 to the ultimate end, we’re able to say, “The full hour has come. ” What is this full hour He is speaking about?

Every time Jesus talks of His hour, He is discussing something relevant to His hurting and death on the mix, also to His exaltation and resurrection. Here He says that His hour have not yet come. In chapter 7, a mob tries to seize Him however they couldn’t, because His hour hadn’t come. Neither could they seize Him in chapter 8, because His hour hadn’t come. ’ But also for this purpose I emerged to this full hour.” At the final Passover in John 13, John says that Jesus knew that His hour had come.

Now notice what Mary says in verse 5: “His mom thought to the servants, ‘Whatever He says for you, take action.’” That’s good advice. It’s a good idea to do whatever Jesus says to you always. But Mary doesn’t know very well what He is going to say or do. And she doesn’t need to know. What she needs to know is exactly what she seems to know.