It is a crazy week already and it’s only Tuesday! My weekend was jam filled with kids activities, errands, workouts, food prep and chores. The weeks appear to only get busier and busier ahead! Summer has begun in my household and it’ll be non-stop until middle of July. I’ve been through this might times in previous years and know what to expect but it still freaks me out and I panic a little bit. I question how I will fit it all in.

Many things I love will take a backseat as my kids’ needs/activities is a priority. However, I still will make time for my exercises and my partner. It is challenging and he could be more than understanding about my busy life. He ends up with the short end of the stick often.

  • Hemoglobin A1C, which ultimately shows the stability of blood sugars
  • Personal Trainers
  • Start with practical expectations
  • Open surgery. The cosmetic surgeon makes a large cut in the stomach
  • NON-SLIP:Three non-slip silicones will be strongly attached to the heel to prevent slipping
  • 2 Tablespoons Sugar-Free Torani Almond Syrup
  • Liver failure

Not a great place to maintain but he puts up with me, so to speak. I’ve pointed out that your support system is an essential little bit of making your fitness goals a reality, whatever they might be. Without this support, taking time for exercise/training becomes yet another stresser for you rather than your exercise being truly a ‘stress reliever’. He understands, as my significant other, my trainer, my trainer and my nutritionist how much my sport means to me. It can help that he is also a devoted fitness lover and weight lifter himself.

He will not compete but knows the dedication and dedication necessary to stay on top of my game. He often reaches spend time with the ‘exhausted and worn’ out Rachel. Again, not ideal but a sacrifice he has designed to help me achieve my goals. I’ve a rare gift in his complete support of me. I have had to ‘train’ my kids through the years also. These are supportive of my training and ‘odd’ food choices plus they choose the flow.

This has not always been the case. It took them a while to understand I still love and value them even if I am not at every game or activity. Once in awhile I have to get my own trained in when life is merely to busy to take action all. I am not just a super hero.

I am more than just a mom. I am someone who has needs and desires just like them. As a total result, my daughter has begun weight lifting to develop her own strength to aid her in reaching her goals in senior high school sports. My co-workers and friends are also supportive of my sometimes ‘freakish’ eating, training and competitions. They attended to watch tournaments and cheer me on even.

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by nurturing and caring people who accept me for who I am. They acknowledge that I’ve chosen to take part in an unique sport which requires a unique amount of dedication and discipline that touch every part of my life, both at the job with home.

They support me. This makes my life better. This makes my life a bit easier. This makes me smile to learn I have so many people in my part that care enough to support me in my dreams! Find your network, reach and connect with them away. Find your path to your targets and be sure you have your safety net to catch you when you falter to get backup and try again. No network, no net. With out a path, you are easily detoured. Everyone needs support even if it’s only once in awhile.