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Hey whatever you beautiful females out there! That is an effort to help you decode the skin issues you face in your daily routine. Introducing my self first; I am Mrs. Shweta Gupta, a cosmetologist by career. A PG is acquired by me Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology to my Credit from the University of Griefswald, Germany. To include to this I have a Certificate in Advanced Beauty under NSDC. Adding further to my skills I am been trained in Permanent Makeup by one of India’s finest Permanent makeup Artist Mrs Gunjan Gaur and been trained in Medical Micro pigmentation.

Here I would also prefer to mention which i am a proud member of a global organisation “Associate Skincare Professionals” (first from India 😍) to keep me up to date regarding skincare tendencies around the world and renew my existing knowledge. Also, I am working with a leading Dermatologist in Kurukshetra since previous 2 years as a Medical Aesthetician.

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This blog has been started with the aim to educate you all beauties regarding simple skin care regimes which can help u out in preserving healthy glowing pores and skin and age group gracefully! Also, through this platform I’ll discuss various visual treatments available in the industry around the world along with their benefits and drawbacks. Here we will also discuss various elements to look for in various cosmecutical products regarding various skin concers and review some products available in market. If you have any inquiries please do talk about in the remarks section and I’d be really pleased to answer the inquiries. You are able to like our Facebook web page to know about the latest improvements with this blog.

Well, if I’ll foundation it on its nutrient values, I would choose white potatoes. Again, there’s no scientific basis because of this. Another desirable option would be using sweet potatoes. There will vary ways to use potatoes. The simplest is to just slice a uncooked potato and place a piece on your affected vision.

Another way is to grate unpeeled potato and mash it. You might boil it first before mashing it with a small amount of water in order to make a paste. Place the mash potato in the refrigerator to cool, and then put an ample amount in a clean towel.

Find a surface to lie down, and place the potato poultice to your stye then. Allow it to stay there for 10 to a quarter-hour. Thoroughly wash the affected area after. Repeat twice to daily thrice. There’s really insufficient information about the safeness of the raw potato as a treatment for your skin.

Since the entire year 2737 B.C., green tea extract has been consumed because of its flavor and healing properties popularly. This healthy beverage contains components that are thought to fight off inflammation, microorganisms, free radicals, and tumor. Most tea varieties contain different levels of natural organic tannin, a type of antioxidant and astringent.