Yen Korean Tudent Ha A FRESH L & Co Metic Photo 1

Yen Korean Tudent Ha A FRESH L & Co Metic Photo

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The reason behind this is that while the protein is beneficial and will repair damage as time passes, if you use much it briefly hardens the hair from the buildup too. This applies to any type or kind of protein and can lead to continued breakage, dryness, and sometimes tangling. It’s a matter of ‘more’ definitely not being better; like if you use too much conditioner just, your hair feels oily and clumps rather than feeling smooth and clean together. On your question; the fact it thins out to the ends means you are getting quite a bit of damage as it develops, rather than immediately after lightening.

Hair that is a level 10 is virtually white, so there’s hardly any pigment left, and bleaching to this known level is itself a cause of more damage than would normally happen. Apart from that, hair may be naturally weaker, meaning it requires less processing to damage it in comparison to someone with stronger and coarser hair. Protein can help in any of these situations, but you might need to think about trying a darker tone of blonde for a far more long lasting solution.

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  • A easy puff for an even finish
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  • 3-Do eat foods saturated in omega-3 fatty acids
  • 20 – 50 lbs
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Hi. I have heard that if you are using hair products that contain keratin like almost each time you wash your hair, it will eventually start to get tangled really easy and then it might start breaking easily. Do these redken extreme products contain keratin? Do other proteins become it too, like when there is whole wheat protein will it make the locks more tangly eventually?

Im a little sceptic concerning this range because you buzz it so much, it feels like you are advertising it a little! My hair is bleached to level 10-11 from level 5 or 6 I think (soon I am going to ask you about toning it but not in this post ;D ) and its own long. I cut it last summer a little above my shoulders and for a while it looked good, however now when its almost to the half of my back again it is significantly thinner from the ends and really frizzy and dried out.. Strange thing is which i bleach with only 6% creator, I take advantage of straightener, curler and styling products rarely quite, like twice a month..

I think I use good quality salon hair products and lots of serums and leave-in stuff.. Redken’s Anti-Snap leave in is fantastic. For the Cat treatment, you already have their Power Builder cover up and which has a complete great deal of the same impact. Redken Cat is the best protein treatment overall, but that’s all it can. It doesn’t moisturise hair or make it feel soft. The Strength Builder is a combination product which has similar proteins building substances as Cat, but also conditions nice hair. Compared hand and hand, Cat is more concentrated and will strengthen nice hair more than Strength Builder. It’s really your decision whether you want to buy a container.