16. I ACQUIRED Beacon Of Light

Sigma just fairly recently launched their new collection “Ethereal Radiance” which contains mostly icy tones with a very pretty packaging. I love the packaging. It’s really nice to see different things and it reminds me of New Year’s Eve. The collection includes a new brush system, shimmer creams, eye pigments, lip pencils & lip gloss.

I hope it can help make your decision on if you would like to purchase. Here’s the pamphlet’s that came up in the pack. I’m confident this is only for bloggers. If you order it I don’t believe you obtain it, although I’m not completely sure. So the eyesight pigments come in collections of three.

  • Chemical sunscreens
  • Milton Selzer also appeared in the growing season five episode “The Masks.”
  • Shower Gels & Body Wash (26)
  • Photoshoot Ready Makeup
  • Wearing Bangs

16. I acquired Beacon of Light. I’ve surely got to be totally honest, this disappointed me. I’m not sure what it’s intended for but all if have for me personally was leave a splotch on my face where my makeup had disappeared underneath the product. It just looked like grease on my dermis. It wasn’t flattering everything. It will have a very silicone type feel when you touch it.

Almost as though it should be a primer or pore filler. I don’t know if that’s what it is as it didn’t say in the pamphlet but I assume it’s a focus on. In the event that’s what it is, I don’t recommend it. I won’t utilize this again. You can see it very delicately lighted up my skin area. It could be ok if you are someone who doesn’t wear foundation and wants a super duper subtle hint of light hitting your face, but also for someone like me….

76. I really like all them and actually own all of them except the admirer brush which I actually don’t like. It’s too slim and leaves your focus on looking a little too distinct and harsh. The big fat you are my favorite. It’s amazing for applying point out on your cheekbones.

I also really love the tiny eyeshadow brush for making an application my brow bone highlight. 30. The color was bought by me Glaciers Castles in The Sky which are all very icy, cool tones. It isn’t something I would have chosen myself when i seldom wear these colors on my sight. I love warmer reds, coppers and browns but I am going to say that the shade “Ethereal Glitter” is lovely.