The Duality Of Man

Once she stood on the carpeted floor, her hands reached for the phone on her bedside table. A smooth sigh escaped her mouth when the screen lit, revealing the right time; she had a need to get ready right this instant. Without hesitation, she stood from the bed she distributed to unit two’s lieutenant and wandered in to the bathroom. Hastily, she groomed herself, narrowly owning a few spare minutes to put on a delicate coat a makeup; she skipped several routines, work always ruined it anyways. Simplicity became key, Kaitlynn assuring her signature purple lipstick covered her lip area mainly. A brush quickly ran through her brunette locks tipped with hints of purple.

Afterwards, she returned to the bedroom, starting the drawers to grab a fresh TRS standard which lacked any alterations. There were no moments spent to doddle merely, the sergeant changing from the tank top and shorts she wore to bed towards the dark colours and shiny accents of her TRS even. Pants were tugged over her hip and legs, a dark long-sleeved shirt covering her torso and finally the coat that was tugged over her shoulders.

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The red accents shown her high-ranking position, the colours popping against the slate of dark and black navy. On one side of her chest was an individual, scarlet star which shimmered in the light, allowing all to become privy to her status of sergeant. A pair of gauntlets were grabbed from the drawer, specially made for weaponizing Kaitlynn’s electric magic in a far more managed manner. The storage space system placed into the rather clunky gauntlets was created for holding massive amounts of electricity that your angel could later use in combat as necessary.

She hurried out the entranceway, tying on her combat boots in double-knots before heading out the hinged door. As usual, Sergeant Kaitlynn Harris walked to the TRS headquarters, thus the necessity to assure there was time to commute to work was great. A single radio was secured to her hip while the woman jogged towards headquarters. Oftentimes, these vacations to work were applied into a normal exercising program to avoid her body getting out of shape.

The springtime weather was only mildly loved, the brunette avoiding a leisurely walk to make sure she would appear punctually. Upon arrival, the sergeant placed herself into her regular position of command word and organized patrol groupings before placing herself into her own. A smile touched her lips after the leadership duties were completed and she was allowed to become listed on her own patrol group for the morning hours. These would be the single enjoyable thing she’d accomplish before paperwork. Silently, she waited on the ground floor, smiling once the combined group of hunters showed up who would join her on the lengthy patrol around the city.

As they approached, the hunters of unit two stood tall, each remembering the frightful amount of anger Lieutenant Sonya would display should they fail. Wordlessly, distance was shut, all exiting the building as the sergeant adopted, eye analyzing and finally realizing accents of yellowish. An individual brow raised as they exited the headquarters, the angel wondering who decided their apprentice would tag along, however, she never questioned it; we were holding excellent learning experiences.

The woman’s tone of voice carried within the group, the experienced hunters automatically saluting and proclaiming Yes, ma’am in response to their sergeant’s orders. Professionalism was always well-received by the brunette, especially considering there have been times where in fact the outskirts could be dangerous extremely, she prayed whoever brought their apprentice guaranteed he would be prepared just. Only a random Chibi popping into your thread! I hope you do not mind me making the group of hunters unit 2 and under Kaitlynn’s rule. I thought it would be more interesting since it shall give her motive to investigate William in ways.