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On Monday a great deal others appeared and the queues were a lot longer. The true number of people at Mandalay Bay are impressive, for the keynote speeches especially! The halls were small too! This Collaborate is within memory of Stan Yellot, one of the first members of IOUG and the driving power behind this Oracle User Group.

We all participate and help one another (for free) as we all have been interested in our work. I also like these seminars because it’s a great spot to meet up with the people you never see, but talk a complete lot to on the internet. Another big area of the keynote was about thirty years of the Oracle database, which was presented by Ken Jacobs. It had been my first time to see Ken Jacobs (aka Dr. DBA) showing and I liked it a lot.

He showed a little of the annals were Oracle came from and were it would go to. This keynote was recorded, so that it should soon be available. This session was about some of the features in the database you get free of charge, like for ex. XPLAN, tkprof, SQL Trace, Trace Analyser etc. Dan also made some tools around these Oracle tools to get a better visible (UI in Java).

At the end he also proven some fundamentals of SQL Developer. I would have thought he’d have spent some right time on APEX, as that’s free too, but he didn’t. So in the end I was a bit disappointed. This is a good session pretty, but he had to visit quickly over his demonstration as it was a little too much to cover indebt.

  • Autocomplete search
  • Identifying which of your social accounts have the most fans
  • Treat all of your tasks like paid tasks (even if you’re doing them for free)
  • Make sure your site’s personal privacy settings are established to Public
  • Measurable Results

Bradly is also one of the autors of the HTMLDB-book. He showed some tricks for different areas. He referenced a complete lot to the forum, so this session gave you a synopsis, however the actual code you should look for further down (in your own time). I can understand him, I’ve also a great deal of material to cover in my presentation, so fitting everything into a 1 hour presentation isn’t that easy.

Also the mix of the public makes it hard as some are beginners while others are extremely experienced. 7.000 people grabbing some food? There have been a great deal of good insights in powerful sql. Michael mentioned the pitfalls also, that i found really good. Not everybody goes and appearance at asktom how to take action in the simplest way possible, so mentioning to use bind variables for ex. Also when working with dynamic sql, be cautious with bad implementation so that “Sql shot” doesn’t become possible.