Rakesh is a distributor of commercial pumps since previous year or two. Recently, he fulfilled a possible client at one exhibition and after detailing about the products he delivered a quotation to that customer. After getting that quote, very first thing that customer do was to google Mr. Rakesh’s company name on Google! He was hoping to find more about the ongoing company, its product details and range of existing customers. Do you know what, he found nothing.

That customer just couldn’t build enough self-confidence to do business with Mr. Rakesh and halted responding to calls. If this story sounds familiar to you, probably there is no need web presence and for your customers, your company does not exist! Why its important to have a web presence? Well, its very apparent. Nowadays, every customer turns up to Google prior to making any purchase decision. If you send a casual introductory mail to a recently met person, chances are – he will try to find more information about you on Linkedin or seek out your company on his favorite internet search engine.

People do that because they would like to get comfortable with you before doing any business and to do that they will look for as much information as you can from various resources. When done right, online presence can help you establish a credible brand image, spread understanding about the products/services you are available and get you more leads and customers. Developing a solid web existence of your business? The process of building an online presence does not happen right away and it requires a well thought strategy and investment in terms of time. Lets see how you can create online existence for your business with minimal efforts.

  • Perspective on what you may need to improve before you mass produce
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  • To maximize usage of the Internet and Information Technology
  • ECommerce Agreements
  • Google Plus group

We can’t begin working on building online presence just because somebody told us to take action. There needs to be some well described goals. Our goals can and really should change with enough time but first its necessary to arranged measurable goals and a period frame. Consider why you want to do this.

Another way to find a right goal is to analyze about your competition. Just google them and see how they are managing their website. Once you reach your first goal, you can move on to the next one. Consider company website as the most crucial part of the project. For most of your customers, it will be the starting place where they can find out more about what you have to offer, know about the task you have done so and contact you for further discussion significantly.

You can hire a web design company to focus on your website but if you have limited budget, you can certainly do it by yourself with no technical skills. Take a look easy website builder to get started. Many of these sites also offer a free plan and you are required to pay only when need additional services such as a custom website name. An excellent company website should have a clear information about the merchandise or services and contact details. Stay away from flash and large images that might slow down the website and affect visitor’s experience.

Next step is to ensure that the company website is discoverable on Google. You can read this guide to search engine optimization which can appear to be a an excessive amount of work for a non-technical person. However, its well worth it once you understand the essential principles. Objective here’s to optimize pages for your company name and the names of your products or services which visitors might enter in search engines. It might take some time for your website to surface in search results. So, involve some patience and work on other areas of website.

This is an easy part. You can get overcome with the number of social media sites on the market but to keep it simple, lets start with the big 3. Just about everyone has a profile on Facebook already. It takes less than 5 minutes to create a page on facebook for your business.

Check out this display below. Next, create accounts on Twitter and Linkedin. I won’t recommend to go and create profile on every social network out there. It won’t work if you can’t post regularly on these systems. Decide the posting frequency and stick to it. Do not post only about your products. Respond to comments and employ your audience. Pro Tip – Use Hootsuit to control upto 3 interpersonal profiles at one place.