Business Ethics Case Analyses

In the scandals analyzed by many below, the latent effects involved a decrease in revenue for the marketplace accessible. Contrasting after effects, this scandal has been followed by a “bloom” in the ARTWORK Industry (Mullin). 11,000,00 sculpture, what he claimed was a Jasper John piece (Janos). Passively enough, he plead no competition to the charge, but this occurred AFTER an initial plea of not liable.

A rather deviant method of the scandal, his attorney remarked that, “Mr. Ramnarine wanted to acknowledge responsibility for what’d he done, so he approached the government and changed his mind” (Janos). Furthermore two accounts of fraud for inauthentic sculptures (Janos). A rather shocking statistic that is counter intuitive to what we would wish would be true about art galleries, their authenticity.

The stake holders will be the performers and the buyers of the fake artwork. Brian’s deviance certainly places him in the category of scandals that business ethics will analyze. As being a principal theory that pertains to my argument, defining Individualism (or The Economic Theory) can help observers of the scandal better identify the problem at hand. Fair enough Seemingly, Individualism essentially deploys the ‘Golden Rule’ we all know and love.

Brian certainly disobeys the financial theory because he intends to consider money from people without giving them the ‘right’ to the true art they deserve to own predicated on their valid purchase. He cheats the initial performers also, because with every fake sale, income towards John (Figure One) is lost. This act in general is distasteful rather, and the multitude of value at which it is occurring shows how scandalous Brian’s actions really are. A 3rd and defining theory that pertains to the GSK bribery scandal is that of Kantianism (or Kant’s Theory). Your final theory I propose connects to the Foundry Owner Scandal is that of Virtue Theory.

SBN-28: Amending Art. 180, 183 and 184, Sec. 2, Chapter II, Title IV of the Revised Penal Code. Offering false testimonies under affidavit or oath will be punishable with the same fines these are accusing another. Can we speed this up before Bikoy takes the stand? SBN-27: Death Penalty Act of 2019. Reinstates the previously repealed RA 7659 (Death Penalty Law) with a few amendments like removed carnapping and added terrorism, human being trafficking, and arms smuggling.

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SBN-26: Amending the Secrecy of the lender Deposits Law (Sec. Exempts all federal government officials and employees. The day this goes by third reading Expect a rise in foreign currency debris and just offshore accounts. This needs to go hand in hand with amending RA 6246 (FOREX Deposit Act). SBN-25: Prepaid Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Cards Regulations Act of 2019. Only covers prepaid unlike Sen. Gatchalian’s bill but with the same issues in practicality and confidentiality.

Though this bill is intended for expediting attempts to look into phone information for police. SBN-24: People’s Participation in the National Budget Process Act of 2019. Allows certified Civil Society Organizations to take part in the planning and authorization of the nationwide budget draft made by DBM. The theory is good but bit skeptic on the implementation since without strict guidelines on what kind of organization can be viewed as a CSO, this will have the same problems as our partylist system. SBN-23: The Budget Reform for Village Empowerment Act of 2019. Escalates the share LGUs receive in the national budget. LGU share for the 2018 budget was P581.1B (15%) of the P3.77T.

SBN-60: Financial Consumer Protection Act. Gotta be honest, Lito Lapid is one of the last person I would have expected to file a costs on financial rules. SBN-59: Consensual Recording for Law Enforcement Act. A police officer (or his immediate subordinate) with out a courtroom order can record any conversation in their immediate existence and it is audible to them. The saving shall only be submitted as evidence if it was unaltered and unprovoked in its entirety. Another fan of Big Brother.

SBN-56: Foundling Recognition Act. A foundling raised by the creator (of legal age) until their age of majority is considered the best child. SBN-54: Automatic GSIS and SSS Pension Adjustment Act. Pensions will be automatically altered predicated on the prevailing cost of living index determined by NEDA. Sounds good but probably won’t pass. There’s some pending increase from a recently handed laws still.

SBN-53: Expanding the Crime of Economic Sabotage. To address the various Ponzi and pyramid strategies, amends the law to remove the requirement of the 5 or even more persons developing a syndicate to commit estafa. Also provides that any person who helped the swindlers commit the crime will be punished. SBN-51: Free MEDICAL ATTENTION to the Poor Act. Gives up to 10% allowable tax deduction of their gross income off their medical occupation if they offer free services to the poor.