I am excited to return with my Friday Favorites! Week I have a huge review AND a big giveaway for my local readers This. If it weren’t for the support from my local “Momrads” (many thanks Molly!), I wouldn’t be blogging today! I can’t wait for one of these to earn this awesome award!

Contest details are in the end of this post so stick to me! INGLOT Makeup products are striking fashion runways, the Broadway stage and Hollywood with their toxin free makeup! All of their cosmetics are clear of parabens and additives that take away from your skins nourishment. INGLOT is also causing a stir with its revolutionary O2M Breathable Nail Enamel!

  1. Nought Forever, by Malorie Blackman
  2. KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  3. Should genetic engineering be utilized in food crops
  4. Now transfer this in to the small empty jar and store it
  5. Better Protection for Storms

This formula allows oxygen and water vapor through the skin pores of your nails. It was created specifically to keep your nails healthy making it not only fashionable, but good-looking! I acknowledge my interest was piqued when I saw the Freedom System! You can see in the video above how easy it is to customize your palette. It is stack-able and travels with you!

The color models come in magnetic square trays that place into a palette. Simply pop out one square to displace with another and toss the vacant metal into the recycling bin! 7.00 each which is very affordable for a quality, non-toxic product. When Cathy, the local owner of Face Beauty Studio in Kingston, contacted me about a review and giveaway I nearly jumped out of my seat!

I surely got to test drive her Eye Express service where she treated me to a custom color look and a sampling of Mario Badescu botanical skin care. With over 15 years of experience in the aesthetic industry and working alongside makeup artists for print out ads, runway fashion and shows Cathy found her passion is making people look and feel good about themselves.

I have to confess, it’s nice to see my old self back again. You know…before life with kids and the toll of sleepless evenings! I requested tips for tired, busy mothers like me: Cathy stresses caring for your skin (or canvas as she phone calls it) will best amplify your color and appearance!

She can personalize skin care products right in her store! The Milk and Tonic wipes are excellent even though I’m not getting rid of constitute. This will quickly clean off any debris and environmental residue I encounter through the day which is safe enough to use on a child’s messy hands! Next, she recommends I use eyeliner on the wet type of my top vision lid to significantly lift the appearance of the eye. If there is time add mascara.