The Dream Or The Scheme?

Now uplines used this story to relate with a man in the working world. So while uplines connect having a job to boiling a frog, what goes unnoticed is that IBOs will be the frogs being boiled. Many newcomers may find out that meetings are optional, and tools are optional. Your sponsor or upline might loan you cds.

They could even give you a few of theirs. If you show indicators of interest, the heat range of your drinking water is being elevated then. You might be told that a serious business owner buys their own cds, or a serious business owner attends “all” functions and meetings. At first, it will appear like you are simply doing what is necessary in order to succeed. It’s all an investment in to the 2-5 year plan and you might be assured of success.

Your upline may edify you if you can be purchased out to the machine, and/or if you bring in some downline. Then like the analogy of the frogs, your water is boiling. You reach the crossroads. You have put in some serious time and effort already. You probably never have made any serious money, and certainly not even enough to cover your standing order, voicemail, functions and other expenses. If you quit, you should have squandered all that time and effort and expense, but at the same time, if you keep up, it’s likely you’ll be throwing more income in the pit.

It reaches this point that a lot of serious business people end up quitting, thus cutting their losses. For some of the hard core, they press on. A rare few might end up going platinum or higher, but the vast majority will end up losing possibly tens of thousands of dollars, not including the money spent on purchases. Your upline has put you in a container successfully, got one to relax and then boiled you alive.

My former sponsor plus some of his downline are still active. From 1994 or so until now, cORE fully, dedicated to the system. My former sponsor reached the platinum level back 1997 roughly. He hasn’t been Q12. He is your physician and because of functions, day each month he probably closes his practice a supplementary. 500,000 in lost wages, and expenditures for cds, functions, and other training materials. Last I heard my former sponsor was at the 2500 level roughly and he previously sponsored over 100 downline during his time. How will you boil a frog? You sponsor them and sell them tools.

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  • The classified balance sheet is

This may lead to a hard landing in China, again with major implications for the world economy. Cotton is down 37% and may be considered a harbinger of what’s to come! Of course if commodities, oil and metals particularly, come down, Canada shall not be spared. Canada has benefitted greatly from the commodity boom and our housing sector, particularly in Toronto and Vancouver, has gone up very significantly. As George Athanassakos, Chair of the Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing at the RichardnIvey School of Business, said in his recent article in the world and Mail, this right time is not different for Canada’s casing bubble.

There are more condominiums in construction in Toronto than in the 12 major metropolitan areas in the U.S. NY and LA! Caveat emptor if you own many condo properties or houses in Canada. If you opt to invest in commoditities, I wouldn’t be ignorant of the reality above. Again Mr Once. Watsa has called another bubble.

If you think he’s a one hit wonder I would suggest checking the record. I have a document of each market call he’s ever made (since 1986) and to be honest if you disregard him you choose to do so at the own peril. If you would like a copy of that document, send me a contact (click on contact tabs above).