Look, THAT IS Our Personal Finance Thread

How do you amount online when net includes presumably tax-deferred contributions? It was simply a quick thought test so I wouldn’t say it’s inactive accurate. We also range from 40-50% with respect to the month. To bottom it off gross could be deceptive credited to different taxes responsibilities also. As far as how much do we save as a percentage of net is more complex as I save within a corporation that pays me personally income. I save the equivalent of 66% of my personal income.

I will not save in a 401k equal. I max out my Roth IRA comparative. Regardless of how we save or where we save we it’s still in the highest tax bracket once retired until useless. I guess that is a 1% problem to have. Have a mortgage but it rests at 0.85 of revenues, and in a jam could be paid with a cheque.

And for the first time in my own life I made more on investments than I did working. I am certain this yr can be an anomaly, but I am not looking a present horse in the mouth area. However, the target in next decade is to make more from investments than work.

Nice work, spectacular. We have been going the house route for income producing property but I am not surprised to hear that a startup business investment resulted in a big payoff. The chances on that are not always great but I am starting to try and put feelers out for that kind of investment. Definitely a good goal. Is that including property? For us, net well worth definitely grew quickly after addressing a certain point where income exceeded obligations by a good amount. Of course having a strong market and property appreciation rates helps markedly.

Do we come under Australian rules in regards to to deposit on the house or New Zealand guidelines that i have been informed requires a 20% deposit. Also, we have been told that if we are present in New Zealand at settlement we will save the price of Stamp Duty. Hi Sally we aren’t experts in NZ property or financing so best to ask a mortgage broker over the ditch.

From my understanding if the house can be an investment you’d need a 40% deposit generally. If it’s a home then 20% would be okay. I’m uncertain about stamp duty. A very important factor we will help you with is that we can release collateral from any Australian properties you own to use as a deposit for the property in NZ.

This comes with an exchange rate risk however you would get an excellent interest rate. Just give us a call if you’d like our help. According to the lenders, how much is too much mortgage exposure? 1.5 million banks are even more wary about lending money to you then. Luckily, not all banks have the same “comfort” level. 10 million in exposure. This is great information for professional property investors who’ve multiple mortgage loans. This all depends upon your finances, the lender and our mortgage brokers’ exceptional skills in presenting a good case to senior managers within the bank’s credit section and ensuring the application undergoes to the right stations.

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Please contact me to find out more about my loan terms. I’d like to invest in a property that happens to be being rented out as pupil accomodation with each room being separately rented. It’s actually a typical house so can I get 80% fund for it? Yes, you should be able to borrow 80% so long as it’s a typical house that’s in good condition and in a good location.