Extinction Rebellion 'taking On Marxist Tinge' Say Members 1

Extinction Rebellion ‘taking On Marxist Tinge’ Say Members

A leader of Extinction Rebellion called on protesters to bring down the federal government and warned that many people ‘may expire’ in the process. The shocking declaration was uncovered in an insurance plan Exchange statement, authored by previous counter-terror chief Richard Walton, which added that XR is aimed at achieving a breakdown of the continuing state and democracy.

The group allegedly want to bring down capitalism and head Roger Hallam told an audience: ‘We are not simply sending out e-mails and asking for donations. We will power the nationwide governments to act. And if they don’t, we will bring them down and build a democracy fit for purpose… and yes, some may die in the process’.

Roger Hallam an co-leader Gail Bradbrook will be the intellectual driving pushes behind the group, according to the report. Former associates of XR also declare that the mixed group designed to target Heathrow airport with a drone. Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam told members: ‘We will force the governments to do something. Others claim that infighting is rife within the group and that some are ‘being bullied’ by vegan people. Robin Whitlock, 53, a journalist who left XR in March, said he could be concerned about an ‘significantly Marxist tinge’ to XR. In another interview, he added: ‘I’ve been on the left all my life and I believe it’s fantastic.

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You know the whole socialist project; amazing. Bradbrook has also spoken about her willingness to pass away for the cause: ‘I am willing to be imprisoned. I am ready to be jailed. Simon McKibbin, a lecturer at Cambridge University, is a member since November and informed the Telegraph that he was ‘horrified and upset’ by reports of XR using drones to shut down Heathrow.

According to both current and previous members, some people are employing the company as a vehicle to force their own views. This has led to bullying on social media and heated arguments between more centrist members and those who are more extremist. One member said: ‘I have fought for the surroundings for further than 40 years.

Been vegetarian for most of my life. Now in the most crucial movement of all, some people are being bullied by vegans. I’ve backed XR daily myself in small ways but this group doesn’t provide a toss. While a former supporter warned that the protesters may be forced to commit increasingly more dangerous stunts if they would like to continue making headlines. Although its founders invited Policy Exchange to ‘work jointly’ with them, a statement on the Extinction Rebellion website instead got purpose at the publication.

It read: ‘A cursory scan of Google introduces much about the lack of transparency around everything to do with Policy Exchange, the ‘think tank’ who ‘asked’ Richard Walton to do his ‘deep’ research. Policy Exchange doesn’t disclose who sponsors their thinking. It really is unclear what vested passions are behind this report, and we ask our press to robustly question this. We are worried that those pressing for ‘business as normal’ to continue are sending the planet hurtling towards record degrees of heating.

Who might gain by seeking to undermine efforts to face the weather and ecological crisis? The report comes after a tearful Extinction Rebellion activist apologised to a man who was denied the chance to see his father one last time before he passed away due to a weather protest that remaining him stuck in traffic. He rang his local radio place to inform his story on July 18, sparking fury among listeners who top quality the presentations selfish. After hearing the BBC Radio Bristol clip, Extinction protester Zoe Jones said she was ‘extremely sorry’ but still thought she was ‘doing the right thing’.

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