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Livin’ The Crunchy Life

For those thinking about which products (food and non-food) I take advantage of and where I have them (and explanations if you need them), I decided to here put all of them. While I try to purchase locally when I can and the majority of my food consists of meat and produce, when it comes to pantry products, I am in a position to find significant savings by purchasing several online.

If you are interested in additional resources (websites, websites, books, etc.) go here. When there is something you are interested in I missed, i want to know. I’ll add more as I believe of it. You can also check out my Amazon store! Please note: Many of these links are affiliate links.

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These are only links to products I take advantage of myself. I’ll receive a small commission rate if you order through a few of the links (your price doesn’t change). This helps maintain the blog and invite me to keep placing out free information/dishes. Thank you for your support! Food products include: canned/jarred, coconut products, condiments/vinegars, fats/oils, flours/starches, pastured meat, random, sodium/spices, supplements.

Non-food products include: Essential/carrier oils, personal care, mouth area care. 10 on your first order by using my refer-a-friend link. Canned salmon/tuna: An healthy and pretty inexpensive source of Omega3 body fat. I don’t eat much tuna, but love canned salmon (salmon cake recipe here). I love Wild Planet! Vitacost is more affordable than the supermarket for me.

Canned sardines: Very nutrient-dense and low-mercury seafood! I eat them at least one time a week. After trying many brands, I prefer Wild Planet. They may be larger sardines which I don’t mind. I have a formula (not posted yet) using them that I love. Recently, I tried the tiny ones and loved them.

Crown Prince brand was very good (Mediterranean one does have sunflower oil). I get sardines Vitacost or in bulk from Amazon usually. Jarred tomatoes: I stay away from cans whenever you can, so with tomatoes, These Bionaturae are bought by me from Tropical Traditions. They are on Amazon also. Bionaturae bears jarred tomato paste also.

Pumpkin: Obviously fresh pumpkin is best. But for pumpkin quality recipes where I prefer to use canned or don’t possess pumpkins available, I like Farmer’s Market brand. It’s BPA-free and uses real pumpkin (many brands can be a mixture of winter squash). I get it at my local health grocery or on Vitacost .

You can also buy it on Amazon here. Bone broth: Well, this is a container, but still. Pacific Foods lately arrived with a loaded bone broth created from actual bones. It really is, of course, better and cheaper to make your own broth, but this is a nice option to have as backup or if you don’t get access to good bones. Bought at some health food stores and great price at my favorite online store.

Coconut, dried (shredded, flakes, potato chips): Make coconut butter or use in anything from desserts to breading rooster. I typically obtain Tropical Traditions. Coconut butter (aka coconut cream concentrate OR coconut manna): Read more about coconut butter here and find my recipes using it here. My favorite is Tropical Traditions, but I buy Artisana that i get from Vitacost.