A Touch Of Blue 1

A Touch Of Blue

Last night, I watched the above intriguing BBC film called “Why Beauty Matters,” predicated on an essay written by Roger Scruton. Beauty is both subjective and objective. It’s subjective because most of us have unique preferences, even though one thing may bring someone to tears, it can have zero influence on another.

It is however objective in the way how things can be generally appeasing to the eye, whether it be symmetrical faces, ethnic requirements of fitness, harmonious colors, or well purchased or accurately it depicts character. The things we call beautiful are only representations of beauty. I believe that the essence of beauty can only be felt and experienced.

Perhaps there is no adequate English word to describe the feeling of beauty, or it is a mix of many different feelings perhaps. When we experience beauty, something within us is stimulated and we feel a set of emotions, which could range between happiness to sadness, nostalgia for the glowing or past wish of the future. It renders us speechless once we let these feelings wash over us, and dwell in their transitory existence gently.

Perhaps in the end, we feel reverence, connection with something greater than ourselves but an integral part of us also, and we are transformed for the better emotionally, emotionally, and spiritually. Yes, beauty might not be of any value or use in the conventional sense, as was pointed out in the film. I also kept this thought about those who pursued physical beauty before.

In middle school, I remember a girl I saw putting on makeup right before gym class. She had to ensure her skin would not shine with perspiration, eyelashes thick with mascara, and hair neatly brushed as though she were going to dinner, not from the 80 degree blacktop to try out tag football.

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As a kid, the only kind of “beauty” that anyone discussed was physical, and for me, it seemed pointless. Playing around would surely screw up her initiatives, and would not increase her performance through the game. What’s the utilization of looking good if you didn’t have any intellect or skill? What’s the use of dressing well if you weren’t competent at the work you applied?

Yet, I did not realize how thin my view of what “beauty” was. But Mo Zi was wrong to state that participating in beautiful activities and creating beauty was worthless. Rituals experienced a profound influence on human being life, in civilizations all across the global world. You may ask what does worship function.