WHAT’S True Beauty?

Most people think that true beauty is out the exterior but I believe that it’s inside. Although the first thing I notice about someone is exactly what they appear to be, I have will have questioned myself, how come that? Why do I always look for what a person dresses like, or what style shoes they wear.

Does anyone really see the inside? The first time I meet someone, what is the first thing I notice? Probably their looks because I don’t know very much about them, however when I start talking to them really, do I catch myself still looking at them, or really listening to them?

After awhile looks start to diminish and I start to see the internal beauty in people. Once I notice who they are or who they promote themselves to be, I seem to like them more or less. For instance, the first person I liked was in 5th grade, I didn’t really care what he appeared as if or who he hung out with. With regards to me, I want people to go through the inside.

  • Rosewater Glycerin Spray
  • Humility (6)
  • To balance light and dark
  • November 5
  • Don’t use makeup, perfumes, powders, or aftershave in the area being treated

Some days I don’t wear make-up or dress in the nicest clothes, but I tell myself always, who cares they don’t know me. I don’t believe anyone has any available room to judge me if they don’t know me. I believe that looking for the inner beauty in others will help me in the future.

I am now going to try and focus on the nice in others and ideally they will do the same for me. As of now I’m heading to keep telling myself that appears don’t matter it’s what’s on the inside that matters. True beauty is inside and I hope that most people shall be able to see that.

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