Gates Foundation Partners WITH ALL THE Clinton Foundation In Child Welfare Trust Fund Fraud

It seems the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced its collaboration with the Clinton Foundation in another child welfare fraud system through trust funds. Trust funds, you keep in mind how those pesky child welfare trust funds were one of my pet peeves always. Well, if you do not remember my ire about these children’s trust funds, let me refresh your memories with one of my previous rants about how the U.S. DOJ, IRS & SEC will not do crap when it comes to child welfare trust money.

Social Security programs, like education, Medicaid, SCHIP, to set up programs which finish up ripping off property, property fees, to dominate a geopolitical location, to create their own cheap labor corporations. I bet there are a few who say that that was simply a mouthful! This is actually the international model, which, as the article obviously maps that these regions are located, and many surrounded, by major water dispatch lines, like U.S. Navy-ly desired locations to set up military industrial organic operations.

But, what about the children? The primary item which triggered me into a rage of Post Traumatic Stress, is because I understand, as a genuine source, the amount of fraud in these trust funds. 5 billion fund, is a front for nefarious property acquisition schemes and they’re the “hands and feet” of the Clinton Foundation.

They are developing real property from the backs of children. Plus, since I know the Gates & Clinton Foundation Filings are so jacked that they may not be in operation, in the not so faraway future. I am looking forward to the Detroit model to be launched, because the States have children’s trust funds, too.

200 million pledge to the World Bank’s Global Financing Facility Trust Fund in support of the UN’s Every Woman Every Child effort, launched in 2010 2010 to address the major health challenges women, children, and children face. 33 billion a year. Each dollar invested in the GFF Trust Fund leverages domestic government resources, financing from the World Bank’s International Development Association and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, aligned external financing, and private-sector resources. 1.8 billion in IDA/IBRD financing have been approved. Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Gates Foundation, which is a known member of the traders group overseeing GFF. 20 million commitment to strengthen local grassroots women’s groups and women’s movements.

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