WiFi Hotspots For Small Businesses

Boingo and Linksys have banded together to provide Hot Spot in a Box for small businesses. The solution allows small businesses provide commercial WiFi to patrons on their premises. It really is targeted designed for small businesses such as espresso shops, restaurants, hospitals, gas stations, impartial hotels, shops, and office lobbies.

What I find interesting is the business model for this product. The tiny business creates the hotspot, and then individual patrons must subscribe and purchase the WiFi gain access to. The small business gets paid a fee each time someone signs up for WiFi access. Boingo claims that its product allows small businesses to compete with national chains that provide WiFi hotspots. My co-workers who spend lots of time in the coffeehouses are skeptical. They say the annoyance of being met with a “pay” screen when you try to access the hotspot, undoes all the positive goodwill of providing the hot spot to begin with — and may even anger patrons.

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