Witcher Showrunner DISCUSSES The Show's Inclusivity 1

Witcher Showrunner DISCUSSES The Show’s Inclusivity

Lauren Hissrich, the showrunner for Netflix’s version of the Witcher books, has been known to reply to fans on well as people who appear not to be fans Twitter-as. In spite of that, Hissrich got the time to reply with size thoughtfully. You can read the whole thing over at if you would like to feel like ripping your eyeballs out Twitter, but for everyone else below are a few quotes of Hissrich’s main points.

The Witcher is REALLY interesting when it comes to depicting racism because it’s about varieties, not pores and skin. What makes individuals “other” is the shape of their ears, elevation, etc. In the written books, no one pays attention to skin tone. There it is had by you. As someone who is now reading the books right, what’s interesting is that they’re about more than just Slavic folklore. Those folk stories and monsters are placed in a global that includes everything from a retelling of Beauty and the Beast to a rough analogue of the Holy Roman Empire.

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