Skincare Products: November 2019

LATISSE in Chico is offered by 916 Acne, Skin & Wellness. When eyelash lengtheners arrived – I thought it was a gimmick first. My girlfriend tried it first, and her lashes went from little stubbies to something right out of the magazine – no kidding. After witnessing her results, I did so an test out Jan Marini lash lengthener and Revitalash.

Starting on the same day, I used Revitalash using one Jan and vision Marini on the other. Both products had taken 2 months to see results exactly. Both products left a dark mark along the base of my eyelids, which is one of the possible side effects. Revitalash got a mild burn to it, and left my eye slightly bloodshot the entire time I was on the product. Jan Marini did not cause any burning, but left my vision bloodshot mildly. I began ago using LATISSE 3 months, and hadn’t used every other lash lengtheners for over a year.

LATISSE leaves no dark range on my eyelid, and it generally does not cause any burning or inflammation. LATISSE also comes with specific applicator brushes that keep the product from getting contaminated. LATISSE showed results in 8 weeks. It was as if my lashes experienced grown starightaway! I am not a simple sell – and being in your skin care industry, I come across a lot of products that don’t supply the results they promise. LATISSE works. Old.

There are other products under the Acne Prone Skin line too. There is a purifying toner, a makeup and a product called Mattify. It helps to keep your skin layer from becoming so shiney with oils. There are many products from the nice Skin Dermcare line. A moisturizer is offered by them called All Firm. It is stated by it boosts skin strengthening collagen. There is a liquid foundation , spot treatment and sunscreen. Also offered in this relative collection is the merchandise All Firm rebuilding serum. The lightweight formula states it rejuvenates skin and protects from environmental stressors.

This product is found in nifty green packaging. It includes toner, place treatment, concealer and sunscreen and moisturizer. All products state to sooth annoyed and red epidermis. Good Skin Dermcare offer one product for extremely dry skin. It’s the all hydrated moisture cream. It’s claim is to secure wetness and hydrating and to restore your skins defensive barrier.

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If there is no need any special skin problems, Good Pores and skin has you covered still. Form combination skin to oily skin there are products that you can use. For combination skin Good Skin reccomends you use the Perfect balance cleanser and moisturizer. For Dry skin use the Soft Skin Creamy Cleanser and the Soft Skin Moisture Cream.

For oily epidermis use the Clean Skin foaming facial cleanser and the Clean Skin moisturizer. Straight from the good Skin Labs comes there most recent creation. It’s the Triaktiline Total Face Instant Line Reducing Moisturizer. Yes it is a mouthful but does it work? I found the packaging to be a little amusing because what Instant Line reducing moisturizer was highlighted in yellowish right on the pipe!

Along this same range they provide Filexrta Facial Revolumizing treatment, Sculptinex instant Re-sculpting face treatment, clean 365, which states you are going to look young and Lucimen instantly, and overnight epidermis brightener. Wow a lot of products that have a lot of claims! I am very skeptical about products to provide an over night result always!

Interesting brands for the products too. Many of these prodcuts I have stated are 42 dollars per item around. As you were told by me before I purchased the acne Good Start Kit. After one use I could feel a little difference my skin. I Am always skeptical about larger than life promises about over night transformations. But I may give this one a shot.

As the entire year goes on I am going to try these products one at a time and inform you what the results is. If you have any experiences with this product, good or bad please leave a comment below! Have a look at what I considered Good Skin Good Start products! Good Skin Dermcare Products, do they work? Welcome to Good Skin – dermatologist-tested, fragrance-free skincare and makeup products for all skin types.