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Hi, I’m looking to set up an online ecommerce business and also have website setup already, with some products featuring my logo/brand name and I also have a facebook page with a few thousand fans. I haven’t been selling or even advertising yet but want to begin taking this more seriously as a business and I’m a bit unsure about how exactly to start it.

One thing I’m unsure of is how important could it be that I sign-up my company/name soon? Can I just begin wanting to see easily can generate income with this without registering in advance or am I taking a risk in doing that? What exactly are typical costs and responsibilities if I do enroll my business? I have some concerns about effects of brexit on any business like this. See, the majority of my customers would be in the EU (and generally non British EU customers). EASILY register in the UK here, am I going to perform into problems if/when Brexit happens then? Is it better to register in the EU/is this even possible?

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Liza Drozdov, vice-president of the Holmes Group, said the company managed the editorial content and left the business side to the publisher. Left without any subscribers’ lists, the Holmes Group had to ask the fulfillment firms that mailed the magazines for names and addresses. “After we have those lists, we’ll be in a much better position to communicate with the subscribers who’ve been left dry and high,” Drozdov said last fall.

Recently, a new journal, Make It Right, 10 Years of Mike Holmes On TV, appeared on newsstands, having a cover photo of the handyman in his brand overalls. His photo appears on almost every inside page, too. Finally, I thought. The guarantee has been kept. 9.99 for 98 webpages.

Was this a special interest publication? Yes, said Drozdov. There have been plans to publish a few others to find out if there was any public desire to return to a regularly posted magazine. Even though the Holmes Group do manage to buy a clients’ list from the U.S. “Mike never did receive the revenue from those subscriptions, so we’re not able to reimburse those clients. The cost is prohibitive,” Drozdov said. “My hope is that we could launch a normal digital publication of the mag effectively, so we could at least offer that to subscribers.

So, here’s the bottom collection: Don’t buy long-term subscriptions to magazines that are pretty new and may not survive. Stick to those with a background and published by companies with a diverse set of properties. As Holmes found, it’s hard to make things right when you lack control of work and rely on others to do the heavy lifting.

Don’t Hold Inventory for TOO MUCH TIME! Most companies understand that inventory costs money. There’s an upfront cost to purchase that inventory and store it. However, few understand what role the daily cost of money plays as time passes in terms of inventory costs and just why it should be the motivating element in selling obsolete and outdated parts immediately, than keep and wait rather. What is the cost of money and how could it be calculated?