Living Stingy: 03/01/2019

Are parents today worse than in the past, or is there just more bad parents out there? We don’t stop talking in this country about the shrinking middle-class. But I wonder sometimes if perhaps the middle-class has stayed the same size and we are just being over-run by the indegent. Some may call it racist, or elitist perhaps, or whatever, however the truth remains that the wealthiest people in this country – the most educated and most advanced – have the fewest children. Meanwhile, the poor have a number of infants, and often the government ends up spending money on their treatment. On National People’s Radio this morning, another weep-fest piece about babies born dependent on opiates.

While it is a tragic thing, one possible measure not talked about in assisting these babies is perhaps that people addicted to opiates shouldn’t be having babies. They talk about doing a long-term study about the babies’ health, but admit that the shitty parenting these kids are going to get in a drug-addicted home is likely to make quantifying any treatment difficult. The nagging problem is, the poorest and dumbest in our midst are reproducing at rates that are three to five times greater than the wealthiest and smartest among us.

Every major religion that caters to the poor urges these to “go forth and multiply!” and decries the utilization of contraceptive also. But to even point this out is to be accused of racism or believing in Eugenics. Nonetheless it is fundamentally true. As one comedian noted, it is harder to order a pizza than it is to get pregnant a kid. Nobody ever purchased a pizza! Before, illness practices and primitive medicine (as well as war) kept the populace of the poor in balance, worldwide.

And in the past, wealthy families experienced dynasties of children. But today, each advance in medication means more and more people surviving to reproduce. Populations in third world countries are growing exponentially. Meanwhile, in Western Countries (US, Japan, Europe) population (excluding migration and immigration) is stagnating or even shrinking. Why this is happening can be an interesting question.

To some degree, the problem for wealthier and more informed people is that properly raising children is becoming more expensive than in the past. If you wish to have a family, today you might need two earnings, to pay for the child’s care and to put them through university. In the past, a middle-class family may have had four or six children even. Today, most middle-class and upper-middle class families have maybe two. Meanwhile, someone on welfare or addicted to crack has three or four, all paid for by the national authorities.

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In effect, the upper classes are subsidizing the bringing up of children by the low classes. While I have no children of my very own (that I know of) I’ve certainly “raised” a few through my tax payments to the federal government. Thus part of the problem is an unintended consequence of the tax system – we subsidize the poor for having children, so they may be acquired by them. The middle-class has to pay the whole burden of having a child, so they have less. It is, in a real way, like the Obamacare subsidies, which give free health care to the indegent, but penalize the middle-class who’ve to pay tens of thousands a season in payments.

Or like food stamps, which gives free food to the indegent, who subsequently have problems with obesity-related illnesses. We are paying visitors to have kids and get extra fat. And before you get all up-in-arms about this, it is actually true that people can earn a living from having kids. In some parts of the country, public housing projects are setting up three, four, and even five-bedroom flats and townhomes for Grandmothers who are increasing their children’s children. It really is pretty bizarre, to say minimal.

How exactly do we arrive here? And where will this take us? That is the frightening part really, and I could only wish I am long useless and eliminated before everything blows up inside our face – if it is not already. Sadly, a lot of people on the Left like to make the indegent out to be noble people – somehow much better than us, because they are “not so greedy”.

And indeed, there are good poor people, as I’ve noted before, who are victimized by a society that takes benefit of their naivete often. But on the other hand, there are a lot of poor folks who are greedier than me and you, and appearance at the global world as something to be exploited to their own advantage by any means possible.