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Speculation brings great volume to the daily trading with high liquidity which indirectly helps the traders in looking for counterparty. With high liquidity, the purchase price discovery becomes easier because of lot of players being available in market. This brings down the impact cost significantly also. But on the other hand, when speculators include negative prediction about a particular company; because of their larger volume, they have great impact on the stock price of such firms. Recently in March, speculation against Bear Stearns Cos. This year following the fall of carry Stern One of the most discussed speculation of March, led to spread rumour of Lehman Brothers Holding Inc., once the largest U.S. ’ solvency and battling for its survival.

After that Lehman got to really fight to make contact with normal business. But that was not the end; once again as the home-loan financing companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac dropped further on credit woes, Lehman stock fell for an eight-year lower in NY trading. The stock was further hit by the speculation of its biggest customers staying away from business with this firm.

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Pacific Investment Management Co. (PIMCO), manager of the world’s biggest bond fund, and hedge account SAC Capital Advisors LLC both had to publically make it clear they are carrying on trade with Lehman and the speculation is unfounded. The continuous pounding of company’s stock with one speculation after other, sometime makes the client doubting the performance of the impacts and firm business. 31.75 in a period of 2 days just, a plummet of almost 31%. The firm found it difficult to deal up with such unforeseen fall really. This year The financial sector across the world is in bad shape. this year alone 408 billion. After the March debacle, it did change its strategy to fight against the chances.

Lehman boosted it’s cash keeping and reduced dependency on short-term loans. 17.3 per share, this year alone counts to get more than unprecended 72% fall. 9.5 billion at the moment. Time will determine if this is a concerted effort of bringing Lehman down or is the wrongdoing of business. But if it continues to check out current trend, then it isn’t when this will become another Keep Stern significantly.

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