Treating Diabetes With Data, Alum's App, Software Gain International Acclaim 1

Treating Diabetes With Data, Alum’s App, Software Gain International Acclaim

Deng also understood that his family was definately not alone. A lot more than 422 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, and more than half of those patients are Asian. As those figures grow, gleam growing shortage of diabetes educators and other caregivers who can provide patients with daily and weekly opinions between doctor trips.

Deng was well-equipped to generate that solution. Growing up in a family group of physicians – his father and sibling each attended UVA’s School of Medicine – he was familiar with the medical industry. His own studies at UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce led to a lifetime career in Lehman Brothers’ Silicon Valley office, where he was involved with several companies developing mobile technology. In 2013, those skills were used by him to found H2 Inc. and launch a free Health2Sync mobile application for diabetes management. The company grew steadily, and this summer gained its biggest coup to date, when China’s largest e-commerce company, Alibaba, made a decision to make investments a huge number in the service.

To use the app, patients either use H2’s proprietary smart cable to automatically transfer data from their glucometer with their phone or get into data by hand. The application analyzes the data to identify developments, provide opinions and instantly create easy-to-read graphs mapping sugar levels over days, weeks and months. Patients can log additional data, such as blood circulation pressure, food, meal times, medication, insulin or exercise injections, to see how those variables affect their blood sugar. The application allows patients to share their information with partners also, such as family, physicians and caregivers. Those partners can receive alerts or updates regarding a patient’s condition and can share reminders or recommendations through the app’s messaging feature.

Since its launch, Health2Sync has garnered more than 12,000 every week active users, 80 clinic and hospital partners and consistent four- and five-star reviews on both Apple and Android platforms. Reviewers praise the app for helping them understand trends in their health, organize past data, sync data with multiple devices and offer detailed information for caregivers and doctors. Physicians have also been impressed, saying that the application enhances efficiency, allows these to cover more patients and builds patient loyalty.

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Eighteen a few months after starting the service, Health2Sync now has enough data to demonstrate the service’s scientific efficacy and start to broaden into other countries in Asia. Deng thinks that data and technology management will play an integral role in those solutions. In addition to lowering insurance costs, using data and technology to raised manage chronic illnesses could help control rising healthcare costs also, a major problem in many Parts of asia as well as with the U.S. 1.5 billion to care for patients on dialysis yearly, an average treatment for kidney failing. Roughly 45 percent of these patients, Deng said, developed kidney problems after problems from diabetes.

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