How One Can Create A Url Alias Using IIS URL Rewrite

If IIS Manager is operating whenever you install URL Rewrite, you will have to shut and reopen it in order to see the URL Rewrite configuration tool icon. Next, I’ll copy the information and folder necessary to arrange my web site. Go to the extracted sample code folder in the command immediate.

Don’t shut the command immediate but. We nonetheless want it for subsequent steps. I’ll create an online site which maps to the folder above and has two bindings, using host headers. The online site identify is ‘Long URL Web Site’. On the web, we’d want so as to add each hostnames to DNS in order that users can surf to the location.

In our test setting, we simply add this to the HOSTS file on any pc we’re testing from. Add the next two domain title to the hosts file and save it. We’ll now create the URL Rewrite rule which maps the quick url to the lengthy url. Go back to IIS Manager.

Double click on the URL Rewrite icon to open the URL Rewrite configuration. In the URL Rewrite configuration, click on the Add Rule(s) hyperlink within the Actions pane on the right hand side. Select the Blank rule template and click on Ok. ” within the Pattern textbox. Click the down arrow to develop the Conditions title, then click Add.

If your Hackintosh already has Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion put in, the only thing you’ll want to alter in the BIOS is the “Boot Device”, so that your Niresh DVD has highest precedence. If your Hackintosh doesn’t have Snow Leopard or Lion installed yet, you’ve got to vary a few extra BIOS settings. Before starting, reset your entire BIOS settings to their manufacturing unit defaults.

On Gigabyte motherboards, you possibly can reset your BIOS settings to their default by choosing “Load Optimized Defaults” on the principle page of the BIOS. Boot Device – Change the boot gadget of your laptop so that “CDROM” is first. You need to do that for Niresh to work. After you finish installing Mac OS X, you need to change this setting again to default, so that “Hard Disk” is the primary boot device (this optional, but it should velocity up your boot times).

SATA Control Mode (your BIOS would possibly name this a distinct identify) – This can in all probability already be set to “SATA”, “IDE”, or “RAID”. Change it to “AHCI”. Mac OS X only works with AHCI. Understand that the BIOS on most motherboards do not help utilizing a mouse, so you may probably need to navigate through the BIOS with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

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Press “Enter” to change a chosen choice within the BIOS. On my Gigabyte motherboard, I need to press F10 to save my modifications. Insert your Niresh DVD into your computer’s DVD drive, and restart your pc. If issues go effectively, your pc will boot into Niresh as an alternative of booting out of your regular laborious disk. You’ll then be capable of view the black-and-white Niresh menu.

If you do not handle to succeed in the Niresh menu, check your motherboard’s BIOS settings to ensure that the adjustments you made in Step 3 were correctly applied. If they have been, but you continue to can not boot from Niresh, return to Step 1 of this guide and try once more with a DVD (ideally utilizing ImgBurn).