Malaysians GOT TO KNOW The TRUTH

CQ Muar: One must congratulate inspector-general of law enforcement (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar for his knowledge and efficiency. As in this exemplory case of Mara’s controversial purchases in Melbourne – that he has impressively concluded the investigation with such lightning velocity – was amazing and dumbfounding, to say the least. He has just raised himself as the super IGP of all time. The Observer: Isn’t it the job of the authorities to research and gather evidence? Aren’t they likely to submit a study paper to the attorney-general (AG) who then decides whether there’s a case to prosecute?

Why have they bought out the role of the AG in deciding that no legal breach of trust (CBT) was involved the Mara buys? They have to answer whether they have interviewed all those involved with Malaysia and Australia because of this quick decision to close the case. Can the authorities not carry out their own split investigations independent of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)?

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22.5 million, and that is not just a legal breach of trust but falls under the idea of ‘ready buyer and prepared seller’. 4.7 million, which was later resolved through false invoices under the ‘lu tolong gua, gua lu’ (you help me, I help you) idea. Sabahan: Even after a sworn testimony that the deal was crooked, our first world police force announced that everything was above table.

How can we teach our children to tell the truth and trust the Malaysian law enforcement? No BS: The Australian police should indeed be ashamed for accusing Mara of committing a criminal offense. They don’t understand the culture of Malaysia – distributing prosperity by whatever means is not a crime as long as it goes to the right parties. They ought to come and study from our law enforcement.

And their jails would not be so crowded. Headhunter: Yes, I’m impressed. A specialist forensic investigation may possibly take at least half a year to a season to follow all the leads dispersed over a few countries but our law enforcement can do it in simply a few days. The IGP has been investigating over the weekend and has since cleared everyone of CBT.

What brilliant law enforcement work. It really is like something directly out of Marvel Comics. Cantabrigian: And yes, PDRM also did not find any element of murder, sodomy and rape in the Mara case as well. Just because there is no criminal breach of trust does not mean the full case has no element of corruption, abuse of power and misappropriation of fund.