Disney World ‘Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast’ Dessert

Arguably the best benefit of heading to Disney World is the meals you can eat when you make it happen. I mean, come on, the Dole Whip is the stuff of legends. But now, they’re upping the cuteness factor with a new Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast inspired dessert. 😍 info on how to locate this beauty at the link in our bio! It’s predicated on the type Chip, and the best part is the filling definitely, made of Disney Parks’ “grey stuff,” which really is a cookies and cream panna cotta. It includes a raspberry macaron and a maraschino cherry dipped in dark chocolate on the relative side. The trio looks amazing.

You can get this tasty treat in Magic Kingdom at the Be Our Guest restaurant, which is Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast themed, certainly. It comes out this summer as part of a new dinner menu that gives Disney eating a significantly luxe feel. Think less chicken fingertips and more center-cut filet mignon.

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