Connect Wirelessly By Bluetooth

You could work wirelessly by pairing your tablet to a computer by Bluetooth. Your tablet is battery-powered when you are connected by Bluetooth. 1. If your tablet is linked to your computer by USB, detach the USB cable connection. The Touch Band LED turns and then turns back on again off.

2. Open your personal computer or mobile device’s Bluetooth menu and start Bluetooth. 3. Press and contain the Touch Ring middle button on your tablet for three seconds. The blue LED near the Wacom logo blinks, and the tablet is discoverable by Bluetooth. 4. In your computer or mobile device’s Bluetooth menu, select your tablet’s name when it appears. You may see two options with your tablet’s name.

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Make sure to select the one that starts with BT. 5. Click Pair or complete the pairing process per your operating system’s instructions. The blue LED lighting for five secs when your tablet is combined. Important: Close the Bluetooth menu when pairing is performed. After you set your computer to your tablet, you can switch between a Bluetooth and USB connection by plugging and unplugging the USB wire.

Check to see if your personal computer has an integral Bluetooth antenna. If not, purchase and install a Bluetooth adapter. Check what version of Bluetooth your adapter or computer is using. If you’re not using a compatible version, use a compatible Bluetooth adapter. Version 4.0 or more is preferred. For desktop computer systems, you need version 2.1 or more. For laptops, you will need version 3.0 or more.

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