Everybody knows that it’s important to be fit. Your level of fitness is a significant element in your lifespan, and getting in shape should be a priority. It is simple to start a fitness regime, and then go out of passion. Using a busy working arrangements, and an equally busy social life, it’s a common enough occurrence that people drop out of exercising on the basis that they don’t have sufficient time.

The most apparent response to this, and something that a lot of fitness trainers will suggest, is to get out of bed a little earlier just, and use that time to exercise. Not everyone is suited to a traditional fitness regime of steps and ‘dancercise’. You might find it rewarding to try other methods to keep fit, such as fighting techinques. It is not important how you get exercise: only the results matter. If you find that you enjoy fencing, for example, then that will lengthen your excitement for your fitness routine.

Doing something that you hate, or that you feel ridiculous doing, won’t last very long. Keep the excitement up in other ways, by working out to favourite songs, or by keeping a log of how well you’ve done. You could work out with a detailed friend and have a competition; or you can set yourself goals in your fitness regime, and prize yourself when they are achieved by you. Fitness should be something that you work towards for all your life, and a daily exercise routine will surely help you achieve that goal. Even if your exercising includes a short run everyday, and you end up with a full six-pack never, that will not matter. Fitness is not about getting the perfect body, it is approximately an over-all physical condition where you feel more vigorous, and you are feeling good about just how your body appears and works.

Another unfortunate cost of rapid weight loss: The dreaded “keto flu,” which plants up in the first couple of weeks often. You might experience headaches, have trouble focusing, feel nauseous, have sleep problems, and more. Pro suggestion: Eat a comparatively low-carb diet for a couple weeks before fully committing to keto, Upton suggests, which can help your system plan ketosis. Either way, the “keto flu” should only last a few days.

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Another side effect of the keto diet is digestive distress-think bloating, gas, and constipation. At fault: You might not get enough dietary fiber in what you eat when you’re avoiding foods like fruits, (starchy) vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, Lindsay says. To combat these issues, make an effort to stay energetic (do low-intensity exercises if your energy is flagging) and make sure you’re taking in plenty of liquids.

Roussell also recommends taking a dietary fiber supplement and eating more high-fiber vegetables. Related: Why Do High-Protein Diets Make You So Constipated? “Some people might experience some initial carbohydrate cravings credited to a blood sugar response from a lack of carbs,” Lindsay says. The good thing: These desires tend to go away or improve after a few weeks, although it does depend on the individual, Lindsay adds. Better still news: Some people might not experience hunger pangs or cravings at all, since huge amounts of proteins and body fat have a tendency to be very satiating.