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Makeup & Skin Care

Have you found out about mineral makeup and are you filled with doubts? That is why in this article we will describe in detail what these products consist of, what their benefits are, what forms of skins are appropriate, and, of course, how to apply mineral makeup. Prior to going into the subject of how to apply mineral makeup it is important to clarify precisely what these products differ from the rest, their contributions and what forms of skins shall benefit most from their use.

What is mineral makeup? For whom is this type of makeup recommended? Oily skin, since it will not contain oils, starches, or fragrances, will avoid the development of stand out and increased fats on the facial skin, creating a more durable matte effect. Women with blackheads or acne, because this type of products allows the epidermis to inhale and exhale so that the skin pores won’t clog, providing more health to the skin with these conditions. Skins with rosacea, redness, or susceptible to inflammation, due to the existence of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, these products have anti-inflammatory properties that benefit those who have problems with these conditions.

People with delicate dermis and prone to allergies, since the mineral makeup to contain a low or no amount of chemicals is less inclined to irritate your skin than conventional products. Wash that person well: as when applying any kind of makeup, if you want to accomplish a perfect impact and make the features shine well, then it is vital that your skin is very clean.

Apply the concealer: there are all sorts of mineral makeup, including concealers, the best allies to protect dark circles, disguise and redness all sorts of imperfections. You should apply the concealer with a small flat brush that is preferably special for this product, apply with circular and short movements in the certain area you want to correct until it is properly covered. Apply the mineral base: after you have positioned the corrector in the strategic points, the moment of the base arrives, that you shall have to employ a special wide brush for the use of bases.

The moment of blusher: to give some brightness and color to the skin there is nothing better than a blusher, something that can’t be missed in the makeup routine. To use it you will have to use an angular brush, use the same technique as for the base, pouring a little product on the lid and applying on the cheeks or cheekbones with circular movements then. The use of shadows: not absolutely all women make up their eyes with shade daily, but if it’s your case the application of this mineral product does not have much difference with conventional shadows.

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  • Avoid using harsh soaps which dry the skin. Deodorant soaps are often very severe and drying
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  • Let it relax for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water, giving a massage
  • 4 oz melted tallow

It is important that before using them apply foundation on the eyelid, that will enhance the fixation of the shadow. Then format your eye and, with a special slim brush for the eyes, have a little product with the tip, shake the excess and apply on the eyelid with brief motions before coverage is got by you you want. Inside our article steps to make up your eyes according to their shape we give you keys to enable you to achieve it in a masterly way. You need to apply the mascara for a perfect result Then.

Mineral finishing powder for the final touch: this task is vital because it will ensure that the mineral makeup will be properly fixed to our epidermis, so it shouldn’t be skipped. The powder of a mineral finish should be applied with a powder brush rounded tip using the same technique as the bottom, in circular and light movements.