Research Note-A Value-at-Risk Approach To Information Security Investment

Information security investment has been getting increasing attention in recent years. Various methods have been proposed to determine the effective level of security investment. However, traditional expected value methods (such as annual loss expectancy) cannot fully characterize the information security risk confronted by organizations, considering some extremal yet perhaps relatively rare circumstances when a security failure may be critical and cause high losses. With this research note we introduce the idea of value-at-risk to gauge the risk of daily losses an organization faces due to security exploits and use extreme value evaluation to quantitatively estimate the value at risk.

We collect a couple of internal daily activity data from a big financial institution in the northeast USA and then simulate its daily losses with information predicated on data snapshots and interviews with security managers at the organization. We illustrate our methods using these simulated daily losses. With this process, decision manufacturers can make a proper investment choice predicated on their own risk preference instead of seeking a solution that minimizes only the expected cost.

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These ideas are extensions of the arrogance of masculinity-the deep perception many men have that they plus they alone can handle difficulties. The “take-charge” attitude, fueled by Red testosterone and Bull, flourishes within an environment devoid of women with power largely. So what happened because the white supremacists marched on Charlottesville? The public finally linked Silicon Valley’s hubris to its culture of toxic masculinity. Concerted attention to the “alt-right” and its own connection to the “manosphere” revealed how complicit Reddit, Twitter, Google and Facebook have been to the spread of violent hatred.

Uber’s corporate and business culture of almost institutionalized sexual harassment became public. We can’t separate the deflation of the myth of omnipotence that Silicon Valley has experienced in 2018 from the society-wide confrontation with toxic masculinity. Silicon Valley has finally started reforming and confronting its sordid background. But there is so much more to do. Christina Greer is a professor of political technology at Fordham University.

The events of 2017 Charlottesville shocked many Americans, in that far too many believed that this country was in a post-racial minute indeed. Following the election of Trump, many Americans soothed themselves by saying that the racists in this country were old and would die off soon enough-and our country would be restored. The occasions in Charlottesville, in the garden of slave-owning Thomas Jefferson actually, illustrated the very real deep-seeded new generation of racist and white supremacist individuals.

As they marched and chanted about blacks, Jews and immigrants, their words and following actions managed to get very clear that they experienced they were being displaced and replaced in “their” country. For many Americans of color, the occasions of Charlottesville weren’t shocking or unexpected. This nation has an extended and bloody history of white mobs, across place and time, who suffer no consequences or punishment for their actions.

What was jarring was a president and his administration who have been so certainly sympathizers of these white supremacists inside our country in the twenty-first century. It had been the president’s talk following a protests and beatings that remaining countless areas of color truly viewing the chief executive for who he is. Charlottesville revealed the plain reality that nobody in this administration will see folks of color as identical, deserving or worthy of being in the us.

The white supremacist project currently underway by Stephen Miller, Jeff Sessions and even Trump is a primary relationship to the Charlottesville marches. To be able to “Make America Great Again” they must indeed make America solidly majority white. Which will be accomplished by deportations of nondocumented and even documented immigrants now.

Shortly after Charlottesville, Obama made a declaration that is not who we are as a nation. Sadly, this is who America has always been. Luckily, we have had leaders and hardworking individuals who confronted their biases and ignorance to change longstanding opinions. We are currently in a fight for the soul of the nation, and, sadly, the current president of america believes we ought to get back to the good days of the past.