Practicing Physicians Are Better Than This

I was appalled. MOC is not much longer about “keeping up” for doctors. It is a major distraction. This program is of unproven benefit to my patients and me. Thanks to haphazard and self-serving rule changes by the ABIM and their member boards over the past 25 years, the US Specialty Board system is becoming increasingly coercive. In fact, MOC program now threatens my ability to apply the work that I really like because I could lose my facility privileges and ability to get payments from insurers on December 31, 2015. That is my reality.

This is the reality of every physician subspecialist who participates in the ABMS MOC program in US medicine today. Remarkably, I just re-certified in Cardiovascular Cardiac and Diseases Electrophysiology in 2013 for the 3rd time. I have never failed. I’ve over thirty many years of experience treating patients and standing in the cross hairs of what this means to be truly accountable to people I treat.

I experienced over thirty many years of nights after i lie awake during the night fretting about by patients, about if I enough do, about why a patient had to perish. My children, too, has endured years to be woken in the middle of the night time or seeing their father have to leave a college play, vacation concert, or friend’s dinner party to place a crisis pacemaker.

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I am not unique. I am a exercising doctor everyman. And because I am practicing medicine such a long time, I know I do not need an exclusive, unaccountable, and irresponsible organization to tell me how to act. I am than that better. After exceptional busywork of the evolving MOC program and its own insufficient value for the right time spent, I looked into the corporations who promote this exercise. I needed the help of accountants and fellow physicians who were similarly annoyed and uncovered a vast array of hidden financial activities of the ABIM and their collaborators. There is certainly a lot financial problem it is mind-boggling. The conflicts appealing that are never recognized and corrected make my abdomen churn.

The practice of medicine is better than this. Practicing physicians are much better than this. We don’t need some dystopic corporate Big Brother watching over us to make sure we log into a computer every so often to get into data you can use against us. We don’t need webcams, video displays, body inspections, keyboard tracking, and palm scans to confirm we are honest and ethical and won’t cheat on examinations.

But this is what the ABIM has become: some new form of quasi-police state for monitoring doctors. Working in fear is not what I want for medicine. It certainly is not how I’d like my youngest colleagues to grow up learning and training medicine. However the ABIM and their mother or father corporation, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), appear to love dread, humiliation, and intimidation to get doctors to participate in their profitable MOC program. Give it a rest. Be confident I am not naive.

I know how important this MOC program is to certain investors. As I peel off back layer after layer of the interconnected workings of the ABMS member planks and the ACGME, I know how high this MOC program will go and how dark this MOC program and its tactics have grown to be. So i want to take the stick a moment.

Let me be perfectly clear and I don’t say this lightly. I’m sure I say this with respect to tens of thousands of other hard-working, honest, and honest physicians. We have acquired enough of the ABIM and the ABMS MOC program. It’s time to completely end it -. Forget about “modifications” to make this broken program “easier.” No more “listening” to your concerns but carrying on this failed experiment. Forget about “MOCA Minutes” that people have to turn our gaze from our patients toward the screen or iPhone even much longer.

Continuing the ABMS MOC that has proven itself to be morally and economically corrupt, and exceedingly expensive to physicians, patients, and our health and wellness care system is ill-advised for our occupation. The conflicts of interests alone are worth vast sums of dollars to the corporations that stand to make large numbers from physician evaluation, yet we never listen to a term concerning this from them ABMS or the ABIM with this actuality. I am than how the ABIM and ABMS threaten to label me better. THEREFORE I ask the leadership of the ABIM: “How come the ABIM insist on placing a “scarlet A” on my reputation by labeling me a “Not Taking part in MOC?

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