How To Start A Blog In 2019 And Make $10000 Each Month [Step By Step]

10,per month in unaggressive income 000? Yes, it was heard by you right. 100,000 in one year. per month is doable 10k or more. The key here is to start your blog RIGHT. If you don’t lay an effective foundation, you’ll regret later. During the last 10 years, we’ve started and built a ton of blogs so we know how to start a blog properly that truly gets increased traffic and makes good profits. every month from it 10k or even more.

So are you wondering to learn? Let’s jump into the details. This is actually the only guide you need to read for launching a fresh blog, make it profitable which is a long one. So get your espresso and get started. What you shall learn in this post? Try to select a website name that is simple to read, type and remember.

Here you have to enter your account details to buy hosting from Bluehost. Please select a strong and secured password that contains alphabets, figures and symbols to make your security password is not easily predictable. Given that you have set up a blog, you would want to provide your blog a definite look and feel.

Notice how each blog looks and seems different even if they are hosted on a single WordPress? This site design is due to WordPress Themes. Your site design is exactly what signifies your blog’s persona, your brand feel and decides how these potential customers convert. This is why you must choose reduced WordPress theme.

PRO TIP: If you’re wanting to know why I am recommending paid tools to produce a blog, I would say these three will be the most essential and perhaps the only compulsory assets you need to release a blog. WordPress includes free themes and they’re so universal that you would better not use them, leave alone the featureless properties.

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1000 or so. But, you don’t need to shell out so much money. For starting a new blog, you need a simple professional theme yet. 80 for 87 uniquely designed themes. Don’t clutter your blog with ads, at least not before you have a meaningful number of visitors. Leave a great deal of white space. Elegant Themes above gives you 87 different themes, choose the one that best fits your need. Choose logo.

5 using Fiverr or hire someone (if you have the budget). Use some interpersonal writing control keys to help your readers spread the word about your content. Which you have setup your site Now, it shall be empty and can have nothing at all for your visitors. Hence, you will need content to showcase to your readers. This content can give an idea about what your visitors can expect from your site and initial content on the topic you are going to write. Quick Tip: Pages are when you want to have content that is timeless (stays same over enough time) and cannot be included in RSS feed.

Posts on the other hands are changed over time and are more share-worthy. They are the pages that nearly every blog will need to have. This area of the writing process is what is going to continue as far as your blogging continues. They are called blog articles or entries. Writing your first blog entry can be difficult if you have never managed a blog before but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here is a step-by-step process for submitting your first blog entry easily. When you get the word about your blog out there, you must have enough articles that your visitors will hang in there for some time. Having no less than 5 articles is known as ideal but you can have any other thing more than that. The greater, the better!

Give you enough time to focus on next thing, that is, promotion. Pillar posts are something that are resourceful manuals on the topic. These posts tend to be the one bigger than other posts and really should be catered towards problem solving in your niche. Is a guide to make pillar articles that rank Here. You should write at least one pillar post prior to your launch so that you can show your authority in your niche. For example: If you are starting a food blog, you can create a resource on complete guide to food photography or the entire guide to kitchen maintenance.