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Congress-a jab at his presidential competitors, like Marco Rubio who skipped 29% of votes. Much this year Cruz has skipped 24 percent of votes so; Graham has missed 23 percent of votes. Of the Senate presidential hopefuls, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, sticks out for having made 99.9 percent of the Senate roll call votes this calendar year.

He missed just three this year. Jeb, your expenses will never even get out of committee aside from get a vote if you don’t make it a Constitutional amendment and we can all vote on it. Christie on drugs: “I’d nationalize the drug court system,” Christie said, as he proposed a fresh bureau of nationwide medication courts since “using is an illness.” GOP: NO!

Clinton difficulties GOP concern with minimum wage growth in reversing income inequality. Studies show jobs are not lost when one state raises income and another will not. KS recent tax-increase showed that cutting taxes on rich will not produce more jobs-they take the amount of money offshore. A lot more than 30 percent of men in their leading are either unemployed or earn less than what’s had a need to keep a family of four out of poverty.

That’s double the talk about of three years ago. Wages level as creation soared. Congress has blamed Obama for reviving economy and income inequality since the Bush spending spree for 2 wars and 2 tax breaks for the rich. Clinton is crazy to believe Congress would change views now that corporations are absolve to spend UNLIMITED dollars on elections.

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Lobbyists have significantly more direct influence on Congress now. This is actually the score in US elections if you believe money decides the winners! Google/compare uses 8 insurers including USAA to find better rates. You can buy only what you need to save every year. Use all the discounts available from each insurer to save more. For example, you don’t need the loss of life or health advantages if you already have coverage.

Are student loan money destroying the middle-class? 15,350 in 2005, relating to an analysis by Professor Austin of Northeastern. But perhaps more important, student education loans as a percentage of the filer’s annual revenues have also increased considerably. In 2014, 16 percent of all bankruptcy filers acquired student loans that totaled more than 50 percent of their annual income, weighed against 5.4 percent in 2005. Fewer good jobs make payoff harder.

High levels of education have offered no assurance of rising incomes – for example, income of recent university graduates, modified for inflation, have been toned for 15 years. Before 1977, student loans could be discharged in bankruptcy alongside other bad debts like credit cards. In 1998, bank or investment company lobbyists managed to get almost impossible.

All debtors must show undue hardship to remove their student debts. Most people don’t even try because most judges use most severe test-no increase in income … ever. Is renting your home on Airbnb right for you? Some may think renting your home to strangers is crazy. Well, it could be. The companies that generate income from matchmaking homes don’t screen your renter so you must. Your homeowners insurance might not cover their damage either so consider a BnB policy. You may need a visit to your accountant for a tax consult also. 13,000 so you might want to rent a room to the local college student instead just. Can a hacker make your Fiat Jeep car crash?

Yes. New vehicles are all consumer electronics so read what can happen to some hackable vehicles. Fiat is offering a USB to fix it-perhaps-but you have to do the mending. Fiat created the hackable code so would they learn how to make code unhackable? Is you’re A&P closed? A&P and Pathmark released the set of NJ stores that might be shutting in the wake of their mother or father company filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy safety.