My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss

This morning the scale said 180.2. That is a gain of 2.4 lbs. Not bad in the fantastic scheme of things, but not good at all. EASILY experienced lost 2.4 lbs from last week’s weight, I’d no longer be obese. I’m trying never to think about that. I’m trying hard to get to a better place mentally. For me that’s the battle a lot more than what my eating/exercise plan is. Once I get my head in the right place, the other just seems to slip right directly into place.

= $ =p> the family is had by me. I think I’m ready for that mentally. That’s all I must be equipped for right now – another food. I’ll worry about next week, next week. For today, I’ve contemplated all of the foods that I know will be there.

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Every comparative has their special dish that they bring, so I can suppose pretty accurately. I’ll eat a hamburger with no bun. This morning that she got whole wheat buns Even though my mother explained, I question I’ll eat one. I’d have to look at the label for myself.

Labeling can be so sneaky. Of the medial side dishes that I foresee seeing, I’m not tempted. I don’t want macaroni salad or potato salad. I don’t even want potato chips. When I sat down and thought about it really, what I want is watermelon. My mouth is nearly watering right now, just thinking about that icy frosty goodness. I think watermelon is a good choice. The desserts are harder for me personally.

Good, homemade desserts have been my split. I am a dessert snob because that is my specialty. I could make the best cakes, cookies, pies, cheesecake, etc. that you ever devote your mouth area. I am a from scratch baker. I don’t even do this cake doctor stuff. Cake mixes have an under taste to me.

So, I’m going with the snob factor and telling myself that I can make whatever it is later, and much better probably. I think I can do that. There is certainly, however the probability of homemade peach ice cream. I’ve an ice cream freezer and may make my very own, but I won’t.

It is a full size freezer and J-boy and I just can’t eat a whole thing. This right time, I’m thinking I might indulge in a little amount. I depends upon how full I am from the watermelon feast. Homemade glaciers cream ties in somewhat in my own viewpoint about natural foods for the reason that it will not have chemical preservatives and chemicals I cannot pronounce like in the store bought stuff. It shall have sugar, though and therein lies my problem. Tuesday proven to me that I can’t manage that.