Beauty AS WELL AS THE Beast- Transformation Scene

The question you’re responding to. Login to flag as inappropriateI am directing Beauty and the Beast, Jr. and we were thinking about using fog machines to do the change picture, but were up to date that we weren’t allowed due to fire codes. So, we are back again to square one. We were going to go with a blackout and a spotlight on Belle reacting to the Beast- but we have to get the prince on stage. The only other idea I found online was to use blinders to surprise the audience. We just finished our high school’s creation and had a very simple transformation–Belle shifted downstage in a spot, blackout on the Beast’s lair.

We just do this show and had the transformation happen full on to the audience, with the acting professional looking like he had been pulled in various directions by magic. We have a beast wig and face mask designed for us by a Hollywood Special Results and prosthetics expert. The coolest thing was that the mask moved with the actor’s face (as much as possible under that much prosthetics) but came off fast and easily as the actor’s back was turned. The adhesive was like the strip of sticky gel that holds credit cards to paper when you obtain a new cards in the mail. I love the above notion of the rose petal change though really!

Good luck. Based on whenever your show is, the beast mask we had created for us might be accessible for renting should you wish to take action similar to what we did. One of the most effective choices I’ve seen for academic institutions, is diverting the audience’s focus on the magic rose. If you make something pretty/magical happen with the rose (i.e.-shaded lights), you can black colored from the Beast and Belle and it will not seem as apparent. I got this basic idea from the MTI show archives. An elementary school (I think) was doing Beauty and the Beast Jr. and did the transformation scene with large blossom petals.

The petals were just a little taller than the kids and created from black netted materials framed with some sort of heavy measure wire. The petals themselves were lined with glitter and decorated with to accentuate the effect. At the appointed time the petals turn out swirling, then encircling the Beast and wah lah! Then add fancy backlighting and or chases and maybe a rip away costume and you’ve got your effect. I’m struggling with the same picture this week. We’re preventing it in a couple of weeks and I have to have it considered by then.

He also needed to fly back again to Los Angeles regularly to film his onscreen introductions for the show and to meet with manufacturer Herbert Hirschman. He also briefly hosted a movie series on WBNS in Columbus called 10 O’Clock Theatre. So when he returned to LA in January he was still fatigued and frustrated which would sadly affect much of his writing for the show for the rest of its lifetime.

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