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The Keystone Speculator

The Federal Reserve and other global central bankers have been manipulating markets for the last decade. Former Fed Chairman Bernanke began the party in March 2009 with QE1 (quantitative easing). This Keynesian money-printing financial plan, along with ZIRP (no interest-rate policy), create the substantial stock market upside. Bernanke stepped directly into save the day to protect America’s wealthy class that own huge collateral portfolios. One-half of Americans do not own an individual talk about of stock.

The Fed spits on common residents and instead favors the wealthy privileged class, the elite, like the Wall Street investment banks, commercial professionals at major corporations, politicians, lobbyists, and other dirt-bag crony capitalists. The game is rigged. Fed Chair Yellen continued the party after Bernanke maintaining her dovish posture always; after all she actually is the Queen of the Doves. The Fed users maintain dovish accomodation since it creates massive wealth for the privileged class.

Once these users retire from open public office, the investment banking institutions provide a quid pro quo paying them with lucrative speaking fees for showing up at token luncheons. This is the way America’s crony capitalism system works. In April/May 2015, Keystone called the major currency markets top due to negative divergence on the charts. Stocks move over in 2015 and are falling into free-fall to start 2016. The Federal Reserve shall have none of that and started printing money like madmen.

The central bankers colluded around the globe coordinating their stimulus offerings. The currency markets took off like a rocket in 2016 and 2017 due to the central banker largess. The Fed’s easy money is not used to employ workers or buy capital equipment (as promised by the corrupt system) but instead used to buy back stock.

The stock repurchase programs allow CEOs to meet their EPS goals so they can pocket huge bonus deals and stock option benefits while screwing their employees and America. Interestingly, the stock buybacks over the last many years have inflated EPS quantities or put another way, are artificially keeping PE low. Wall Street strategists say the currency markets are cheap or near fairly-valued at these lofty nosebleed levels due to PE’s in the 17-19 range. Shockingly, if the buybacks would have never happened, the PE would be 30% or even higher say in the 22-25 and higher area; stocks are overvalued greatly.

When the currency markets collapse in the weeks and couple of years ahead, analysts will say they noticed the impact of buybacks on the broad market never. In reality, they know the game. The marketplace sharks keep carefully the hype going so Joe Sixpack gets caught up in the joy and serves as the bag holder (the smart money distributes stocks to the dumb money). In Europe right now, the buybacks are ramping up dramatically as they play the same game (to keep carefully the stock markets elevated).

The Fed and other central bankers create the Tweezer Bottom in early 2016 and save your day. In hockey, when the goalie, at the last possible second, deflects the puck with his big stay and prevents a goal, that is named a stick-save. It is the same in stock trading.

The central bankers stick-saved the stock market in 2016, as equities were collapsing just and then performed the same scenario at the start of this yr. Everyone talks about the best Christmas Eve 2018 collapse and stock market bottom, however, 1/3/19 was more important. The stock market rolled over to begin this year. The technicals were plain as day; the currency markets were going into free-fall.

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Once again, at the 200-week MA, the Fed stepped directly into save the day. The global central bankers coordinated and colluded their offerings of stimulus to get the maximum bang for the buck. The Fed coos lavishly. The PBOC (China’s central bank or investment company) follows with immediate triple R slice (reserve necessity ratios were reduced allowing banking institutions to lend more income to activate the economy). A couple of days later the ECB (European Central Bank or investment company) discussions lavishly willing to provide more stimulus. A couple of days later the Fed claims simpler money. A few days later the BOJ (Bank of Japan; Japan’s central bank or investment company) promises to keep up an accomodative monetary policy indefinitely, and on and on.

You get the theory. Voila, stocks take off just like a rocket this season and America’s wealthy dance with glee pleased with the rigged crony capitalism system they have created. In 2016, the central bankers managed to push the stock market back to the last record highs in about 4 a few months time. That was easy. The SPX then cut sideways for a few months and then your big breakout higher happened in the past due 2016 about 9 or 10 weeks after the stick-save.