PEGA TutorialWhat Is PEGA?

PEGA is one of the best possible BPM Tool on the market in the industry. BPM Tools helps a business to attain work efficiency and efficiency by giving process automation. BPM or Business Process Management is combination of Policies, metrics, methods, management practice and Software tools to manage and constantly optimize an organization activities and processes.

PEGA is a system which provide a systematic approach to build and deploy process-oriented and rule based solutions and applications. Business Process Management, Customer relationship management, Decision management and case management areas are some of the good examples where procedures and guidelines are essential part of solution or program. What PEGA provides to a designer is a Designer studio which functions as a built-in Development Environment (IDE) to create applications. The very best part is this Designer studio is online so a creator can work and create solutions from all over the world. PEGA main concentrate are Processes.

If you are planning to learn PEGA or if you already are dealing with PEGA tools you should keep this in mind is “Process is King, Queen and everything in PEGA”. Every carrying on business solution is process oriented. Technically PEGA is not a language or database or operating system. In the heart of PEGA is PRPC server (PegaRULES Process Commander) which provides the platform and interfaces to business analyst, system analyst and developers to design and build applications in PEGA. The main focus in PEGA is on automation of program and works code. PRPC server is written in Java. To setup PRPC server to operate we are in need of an OPERATING-SYSTEM effortlessly, a Java program server, a database and Java JDK.

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