THE TYPE Of Gold/Silver Should I Buy?

What Sort of Gold/Silver Should I Buy? The very first thing I want to say is that everyone must have some silver or sterling silver stacked away for future years. Any kind of gold or gold will give you an enormous benefit over the 98% folks citizens that have only paper possessions (no stockpiled survival food/water supplies as well). So, if you possess any silver or metallic, HEALTHY!

You get the Prepper Press! You’re light years ahead of the average sheeple who’s still blindly connected to The Matrix. My think is you’re probably the type of one who is scanning this blog in any case. The question asked in the name of this article relates and then the conflict between the Preppers (the intellectual chosen people) as to what types or forms of valuable metals are best to have for the uncertain future. We realize we need silver and gold, we just want to know whether we should buy Numismatic Collectable Coins, Junk Silver, Silver & Gold Eagles, Foreign Coins, or Bars and Rounds. My simple answer is infuriatingly, THIS WILL DEPEND!

1. Do you want gold & silver for investment purposes, inflationary and hyperinflationary hedges, or stage SHTF situations later? Unfortunately for the Prepper community, all sizes (and types of gold and silver) usually do not fit all situations. 2. If you’d like gold & sterling silver for an enhancing SHTF scenario, which form of valuable metals will be most acceptable and therefore more valuable? I really believe this questions depends on the depth and breadth of the evolving knowledge of the newly unplugged Matrix denizens. In Inflationary periods the above gold and silver forms will give you a protection against the decaying buying power during inflation.

  • A taxpayer that has less than 10 percent ownership (IRC § 469(I)(6)(A))
  • Long-term investments in mutual funds
  • Equipment leasing
  • U.S., Canada, Mexico
  • The total compound interest earned
  • Invest and enjoy high results

Hyperinflationary intervals are similarly accepting of all types of silver and gold, with the only exclusion being the actual fact that numismatic coins and values just don’t do as well. Coin collecting is a spare time activity of the wealthy and the happy middle classes. Hyperinflation makes these classes very disappointed as their wealth evaporates.

During this unpleasant period coin collecting is strictly relegated to a minimal priority, therefore numismatic premiums above valuable metal content shall suffer. During inflation and hyperinflation eBay and coin shops will still exist. You’ll be able to exchange your silver and gold in practically any form fairly easily for currency. You’ll also match buying power (or even progress) while paper individuals are running around with wheelbarrows filled with green fiat paper! Summary: Inflation – rubbish silver, gold & silver numismatically valued coins (ideally US – its just easier), Silver & Gold American Eagles, rounds, bars, your grammas silverware, etc. are all good. In Hyperinflation its all good as well, apart from numismatic cash.

The next scenario is where things get challenging and contentious. SHTF ( strikes the fan) is exactly what most survivalists are referring to when they mention prepping. Society, order and law, and the economy have collapsed. Folks are perishing and starving for lack of food, water, fuel, medications etc. So what form of gold and silver will be the best in the early levels of collapse?

People need food and clean water in these preliminary stages, and they need to guard themselves from marauders. Shiny metals won’t supply any of these very basic needs. Preppers who’ve these INVALUABLE resources will not operate you these requirements for any form of your silver and gold. Only in the later rebuilding levels of the SHTF situation will silver and gold come into play once more. The question of knowledge of value becomes relevant as well again. Law and order exists once more, at least in the tiny towns. Economic recovery has started, and product and useful item bartering is a common activity within a 20 mile radius of the newly ordered towns.

However, all day long to trade to a neighbor for clothing hauling around produce, canned peaches etc., is now tiresome. People start getting up to the actual fact that silver and gold still exist, and can be utilized again for trading purposes once. So what metallic or yellow metal is to dig out of your stockpile best?

Why? Because many people remember that they were used as money once, and carry the stamp of the old US, the need for which hasn’t totally evaporated yet. Next would come Gold and silver Eagles. These coins carry a premium due to the stamp on the coin as legal tender with silver content of the Old US. However, people will still have to be informed about precisely what exactly they may be.