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First quarter upgrade: U.S. 5.8%. But have you avoided international stocks and shares because they did worse than U.S. If yes, that cost as international stocks and shares returned 8.5%. Exactly what will they actually next? Turn on CNBC and you’ll hear some say the markets are going to roar forward. Others will tell you we are set for a fall. Some will insist international stocks have started a run of outperformance. Others shall disagree. It all depends which 5 minutes you spend watching. Maybe best to leave it off and stick to a well-planned investment plan. This quarter was great but it’s decades that matter when creating a retirement account.

Let’s use some simple amounts to demonstrate my example. If there were 30 rough gemstones in a container, the website holder buying the rough gemstones from DeBeers could only produce for the most part 2/3rds of the rough diamonds at a revenue utilizing their available production techniques. And incredibly few site holders would ever reject a DeBeers package in fear that they might lose their “site holder” position.

Because even though you got a negative package from DeBeers, at least you got a package, and you didn’t need to source your diamonds from the secondary markets. This was the secret to DeBeers strategy. DeBeers controlled the tough product that was sold in to the market, and by only releasing hard diamonds to each manufacturer enough, they created a massive supplementary market for gemstones without getting involved with some of those transactions. The secondary market for Diamonds is massive.

There are thousands of manufacturers who want for rough diamonds to meet their own manufacturing demand. You see, everything until this aspect has focussed on the “rough diamond”, before it gets polished and cut into its specific “final” jewellery characteristics. Things changed for DeBeers when the USSR collapsed.

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  • Reichenstein, William Asset Asset and Allocation Location Decisions Revisited, Summer 2001
  • WACC = [E /(D + E)]*CAPM + [D /(D + E)]*DebtInterestRate*(1 – T)

Up until this time, the Soviets sold their diamonds into the DeBeers controlled CSO even. -but they aren’t the only players as they were in the past once. 70% of the global output of diamonds result from only 15 mines. 80% of the global production of rough diamonds come from 6 makers. Russia, Botswana, and Canada are three largest diamond producing nations. For the most part, the complete industry has continued to use the old DeBeers sales model-and that’s because it’s worked so well.

The problem DeBeers always experienced using their inventory is how to sell a diamond they understood wasn’t “ideal” to their site holders but knew it might be ideal for various other manufacturer down the industry pipeline. That was the genius of the “site holders” sales process set up by DeBeers.