Beauty, Inside And Out

I just wanted to go into somewhat of depth on the energy of a neutral eye for another. Most techniques I use or looks I create when doing makeup can be discussed easily and with a whole lot of reasonable reasoning behind WHY it works or WHY it appears good. But, once in a while, I stumbled upon a strategy or look that I have no explanation for, it just looks good. The neutral eye, being one of these.

A neutral eyeball appears so clean, so minimal noticeable yet, flattering to any generation and oh so natural. There is just something so powerful about neutral makeup. The bronzes, golds, taupes, coppers, silky ivory tones and of course, the dark chocolatey browns. How do an eye look that only uses colors and tones that already are entirely on our bare faces look so flattering? Like I said, I can’t seem to create a logical reason yet.

  • Skins (I understand, weird, but it’s a type of watery product)
  • Grate the pulp of the potato and add it in a dish
  • 21 CFR 701.2
  • Her palms never touch her face
  • Mask On, Mask Off
  • Relief to dehydrated and ultra-sensitive dermis

But, it can be because using neutral colors on the lid boosts the existing features and curves of the eye and as a result, gives a more sculpted look. Or possibly neutrals supply the “no makeup” look that many of individuals want, while enhancing the features they don’t really effortlessly have.

IE: thick lashes or glowing and awake looking view. Maybe it’s the undeniable fact that it compliments a 20 yr old equally well as a 60 season old. Either real way, I know you can’t fail when working with neutrals. SO, for all of you who feel intimidated by eyesight shadow color or application form, this is your lifestyle. For anybody who are experienced and love using color (I love color), don’t forget the POWER of neutrals. And, for just about any of you who are pros on the market and get to work on real clients, It is so important to learn your natural vision like the trunk of your give.

This will make your work stick out and most essentially, make your customer look their finest, really! I’m not wanting to state that if you are using color, it will not look good, I’m just expressing that sometimes, we make things more difficult and extremely done than we need to. That being said, here’s my video on a brilliant quick and BASIC neutral eye.

And, so everyone knows just, I am no actress and I love to stay behind the camera where I feel comfortable, not before it! Filming makeup tutorials is VERY hard for me and Personally i think so out of my comfort zone. These videos are being done by me to help YOU and to educate those who have a thirst for knowledge, like myself. That is a eagerness of mine and the need is felt by me to talk about it. SO, I’ve come to the final outcome that it’s more important if you ask me to share what I know and help anyone I could, than to stay in my bubble of comfort.